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Wedding Trends and Planning Tips 2019

planning a 2019 weddingFail to Plan and Plan to Fail! Start planning your 2019 wedding today. With wedding insurance in place you can proceed in confidence. Check out our tips on low budget weddings, wedding color and theme trends and access your free wedding planner checklists.

Wedding Trends 2019

Wedding Trends predicted for 2019 offer a departure from traditional white and the classic drape of the wedding dress. 2019 wedding trends will see color and print introduced to wedding dresses. We’ve already seen some alternative wedding dress color options with gold, silver and blush pink as a hot favorite. 2019 will herald dipdye wedding dresses, floral print wedding dresses and ombre shades. Check out this great wedding dress guide for 2019.

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Trending wedding invitation themes 2019

Trending Wedding Invitations include laser cut which look fantastic and very chic. Rustic and Woodland themed invitations will continue to trend. metallics are increasingly popular with gold and silver leading the way.

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The Top Wedding Dress Trends for the Upcoming Bridal Season

By Robert Scannell

There’s a new bridal season upon us, that means new trends in wedding styles and of course wedding dresses. Dress trends first make their way down runways and everyone is taking notes, especially the brides-to-be. This season look for many romantic, flowy styles in wedding dresses to include 3-D florals. Also, big and bold florals either embroidered or otherwise are popular. Plunging necklines also continue to be a big hit.

These, of course, are just some of the trends being seen on runways worldwide. Many a renowned designer is offering these styles with pride and getting applauds and gasps from fashion enthusiasts. Read on to learn more about coming trends.

Bolder and Alluring Fashions – It seems as though designers are counting on brides to make sexy the new ‘thing’ this coming year. Modern wedding dresses that make a statement and carried deep V-neck and revealing illusion bodices were among those that impressed onlookers. Bare shoulders ruled the ready-to-wear runway and are available on the racks for any upcoming nuptials. Other trends include:

Minimalistic – simple and sweet styles with minimal adornment to make a statement.

Ornate – nothing short of spectacular, sparkle and pizazz.

Sleek – form hugging yet flattering styles that exude confidence and give a sultry feel.

A-Line and shorter front hemline – cute and innocent, perfect for outdoor and beach weddings.

Bodice cutouts – striking and bold to make heads turn with ease.

Toppers – Toppers or covers will also be a huge hit this season, in the form of bomber jackets with exquisite details, caplets, boleros, and even lovely ponchos. So no matter what, all wedding dresses will be weather ready!

Bold Colors – Brides are taking more of a chance with color, and this upcoming season it looks like wearing wedding dresses with Pantone’s colors like Serenity and Rose to name a couple are the trend. Rose colored wedding dresses from top designers create a romantic feel to the special occasion. Blue tones automatically fulfill the “something blue” category for the bride. Taking a chance with these tones will set anyone’s special day apart from the rest.

Here are some more elements added to new wedding dress styles that will charm and allure:

Bows – in all sizes, bows are featured on the shoulders, at the waist, adorning the skirt and more for a flirty and fun appearance. Even off the shoulder looks benefit from a darling bow on each arm.

Lace – wedding dresses are being made completely in delicate lace for a charming and old fashioned feeling nuptial that is picture-perfect. Sleek silhouettes are most popular with lace, but they are also seen in other styles as well.

Ombre – ombre wedding dresses continue to gain popularity but with colors that are barely noticeable; One example is cream to champagne, or blush to cream. Very subtle ombre is stunning and mystical. For those a bit braver, there are bolder ombre colors as well. This can be carried through to the bridal party with ease.

Illusion bodice – an illusion bodice is one that creates the illusion that no bodice to the dress but there is. This creates a soft, romantic and even unreal look that brides adore.

3D flowers – 3D flowers on dresses or appliques may not be a completely new trend, but they were prominent on runways this season. Laser cut floral outlines were featured with crystal, organza and even color to bring them to life.

Brides-to-be will have fun exploring these wedding dresses to find the perfect style to suit their wedding theme. This season it’ll be easier than ever to find something flattering for any season.

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Planning A 2019 Wedding