best seller book the letterSentimental gifts are those that reflect on shared memories, become keepsakes and have greater meaning behind them. With that in mind I’ve sourced some sentimental thoughtful gifts which convey feeling and a connection with the gift recipient, whether it be man, woman or child. Meanwhile I’d love to learn about any sentimental gifts you’ve given or received and how they made you feel?

This is the purpose behind sentimental gifts ..they make you feel.

Books can be a popular sentimental gift if they reflect a time in the gift recipients life, a passion of theirs or is a collectible version of a later copy they have and treasure. Despite the rise of technology nothing will beat a beautifully illustrated, well written leather-bound book of poetry, short tales and so on. Featured here are some popular titles from Amazon.

You can make a book gift more personal by adding an inscription to the inside cover and bookmarking pertinent pages, paragraphs.

DIY Book of His Her Life

I’ve seen this done a few times over the years and they are always very well received and admired by all. Books, albums which contain photographs from a person’s life since youth through to adulthood with little anecdotes beneath them. The books reflect the person’s journey, accomplishments, highs and lows. They require a lot of thought, take time to assemble but this is the gift that cannot be beat!

I’ve sourced some quality albums, binders and journals you could perhaps use for a Book of Their Life gift. These are notably given at milestone birthdays, 40th, 50th or as a retirement gift. You can also access various sites now, SnapFish is one I use, Vistaprint is another. You upload the photos and text and create your desired layout and then you can have various books printed out. These are great quality and not as expensive as you may think!

Personalized Cook Book
You can create a personalized family cook book, book of recipes if you don’t have access to family photos or aren’t that closely related to the gift recipient.

DIY Gifts
Gifts you make yourself will always have great sentimental value. I still have some knitted baby items that my grandmother made for my ‘bottom drawer’ when I was a teenager! I didn’t have children until I was in my 30’s and sadly she wasn’t around to meet them. But having those knitted baby items from her for my new baby was so precious to me!

If you’re at all crafty you can knit, crochet, make a quilt, perhaps you’re handy with woodwork you can present a treasured sentimental gift. You can even make something as simple as a handmade card. If you fancy trying jewelry making, there are great kits to get you started. You can make personalized charm bracelets, name necklaces and so on. It’s easier than ever to do so. I’ve sourced some crafty items to get you thinking about how to make your own sentimental keepsake gifts.

Most people don’t think of plants when they think of sentimental gifts but they should, they do after all consider flowers! Plants live … cut flowers die. They are as such a much better gift for reminding the gift recipient how you feel about them. Most people have a favorite flower or plant. I recently bought a dear friend an orchid plant as a thank you gift. It has pride of place on her kitchen windowsill and looks beautiful. Orchids are her favorite flower.

This concludes my personal selection. Please share your ideas in comments. Meanwhile a few sentimental ‘themed’ gifts.