What To Do With Ashes After Cremation

You Wish to Honor the Memory of a Loved One or Make Plans for How You Would Like Your Own Cremation Ashes to be Stored or Scattered

If you’re at this page you’re What to do with the ashes after a cremationeither considering what to do with your own ashes or seeking advice on what to do with the ashes of a loved one. If the latter then let me first express how sorry I am for your loss. This is I know is a very sad time and I hope my matter of fact approach to the subject matter isn’t in any way upsetting.

I have sourced a variety of cremation ashes storage and scattering options and answers to many questions that people have about the process of cremation to help you reach a decision.

The options for cremation ashes have increased over the years from burial, display and scattering to sending into space. Here we look at some of those options.

Eternal Reef Creamtion Ashes BurialEternal Reefs

The cremation (cremation refers to the ash remains) is mixed with concrete to create orbs. These orbs are then placed in aquatic areas where reefs require restoration. The cremation orbs become part of the natural watery habitat attracting fish and other organisms. This is an eco-friendly way of honoring ashes of loved ones and may be popular with those who in life enjoyed Scuba Diving, Aquatic Nature and other such things.

Cremation isn’t itself though as eco friendly  as a natural burial due to the combustion process, If you are an eco warrior, that is worth considering. A natural burial with a shroud, being reabsorbed into nature is much more eco-friendly.

Space BurialCremation Ashes sent into space

Rockets already destined for a journey among the stars will carry a tiny amount of cremated remains into space allowing them to enjoy zero gravity before returning to Earth. This ‘trip’ costs around $1000. Personally, if space travel is your thing, I’d try this while you’re still alive and try to create a lasting memory.

If you want your remains to orbit Earth and eventually burn up in the atmosphere you’re looking at $3,000. “Dedicated space-lovers can have themselves launched to the moon or into deep space for $10,000 and $12,500, respectively”.


Freeze-drying or Promession was invented by a Swedish marine biologist named Susanne Wiigh-Masak. The body is immersed in liquid nitrogen which makes it very brittle. In this brittle state vibrations are able to shake the body apart. The water evaporates and any implants, fillings etc are removed. The powdered remains can then be laid to rest in a shallow grave. The shallow grave allows for the remaining elements to turn into compost.

Your Questions

How much cremation ash is produced when a body is cremated?

The weight of ashes varies and generally men’s ashes weigh more. It is believed to be around 3 to 10 pounds for an adult with 5lb being the average.

What are human ashes made up of?

“Cremated remains (cremation) are mostly dry calcium phosphates with some minor minerals, such as salts of sodium and potassium. Sulfur and most carbon are driven off as oxidized gases during the process, although a relatively small amount of carbon may remain as carbonate”. source Wikipedia

What is the cremation ash made of?

“Much wood ash contains calcium carbonate as its major component, representing 25 or even 45 percent. Less than 10 percent is potash, and less than 1 percent phosphate; there are trace elements of iron, manganese, zinc, copper and some heavy metals”.- source Wikipedia

How do you bury cremated ashes?

You can bury, store or display ashes at a cemetry, funeral home for a lease fee. You can bury them in a natural burial ground, your own garden or scatter them. You can also have them divided up for family members. If you want to bury cremated remains in a cemetery they are often entombed in a columbarium, buried in a plot, or buried in an urn garden. They have gardens of remembrance where remains can be scattered.

What do you mean by interment?

Interment is placing the deceased body (corpse) in a grave.

Featured next are some options for the storage of ashes that you can access yourself. Many are personalized and include cremation ashes jewelry, urns, biodegradable urns, teddybear urns, creation ashes rings, glass ashes rings and more.

These cremation of ashes options are also suitable for pet remains. Featured next are some human and pet memorial options and gifts.

what to do with ashes after cremation teddybearMy own choice for my ashes:

When I die I want to be cremated, but I don't want to end up in a 'pot' or be 'scattered'. I'd quite like to be put inside a strong little bag with some Lavender and then popped inside a very nice cuddly teddy bear. My family is not enthusiastic about this idea. But to me it seems 'warmer' somehow and while they might be creeped out by the possibility of a teddy bears eyes following them around the room, I like the idea they can give me a cuddle if they want to.

How would you like to be remembered?