How To Make A Polymer Clay Fairy Cottage Gift

Adorable Polymer Clay Fairy Homes and Cottages make perfect gifts for enchanting young children or for adults who still believe in magic!
DIY Fairy Cottage Gift polymer Clay
I believe in magic and as a fan of all things Polymer Clay I am beside myself over these wonderful Polymer Clay Fairy Cottages which fellow crafty people have made (see pinterest for more). I’ve had a go at making fairy doors from polymer clay and this is my next project!! Let’s do it together.

fairy door fairy home polymer clay mould setI have seen fairy cottage moulds for creating these (see left) but another way of making them is to mould the polymer clay around an oven proof jar. The glass jar holds the shape and creates a great base and perfect round cottage shape. It also lends itself well to being adapted with LED fairy lights (inside) or a tea light. These make great lanterns.

Youtube tutorial re how to make a fairy home using a jar!

If you want a more structured way of crafting your fairy home, you there are many wonderful fairy home craft kits available from Amazon, including DIY fairy garden kits.

fairy door cottage cobblestones wall cladding mouldsEnough talk, let’s get started!! I’m going to try out the jar method myself. I do have a fairy door mould which I shall use in conjunction with the jar. I will post pics when I’m done 🙂 I hope you do too via comments below. You can also email them to be via

What do we need?

There are two approaches regarding the Polymer clay colors. You can buy individually colored clays and combine as required or use a single block of white polymer clay for the entire project and then paint it and varnish afterwards to add the color.

how to make fairy door polymer clay
My fairy door!

Featured below are both options along with Polymer Clay tools which make life a LOT easier. I have all of these things from previous polymer clay projects.

Get yourself a nice storage container (I use a tin garden tools box) to keep everything tidy and accessible.

Super cute ready made minitaure polymer clay beads that you can use to decorate your fairy home. Imagine a fairy home covered in sweets!!