Boys Bow Wow Party Invitations featuring sporty puppies

Bow Wow Puppy Dogs & Sports Baby Shower Invitation by Personalizedbydiane . I love this Bow Wow themed party collection by Diane, so adorable and cute. Children (boys especially) who want a sporty puppy themed kids party will love these and there are so many wonderful party supplies and gift Continue Reading

Paw-ty and Gotcha Parties for our favorite furry friends – dog party supplies

Puppy Pawty Invite and Partyware – Customized Dog Puppy Pawty Partyware Personalized Invitations Paw-ty on! I have barely wrapped my head around text speak and now I am having to learn dog party speak! These dog parties have a lingo all of their very own; ‘Gotcha party, Paw-ty’. I guess this is my being Continue Reading

How to host a birthday party for your dog

Dog Gotcha, birthday and adoption day parties are great fun – throw a safe fun party for your pets Check out our great tips for throwing a safe, fun party for your beloved dog and his or her doggy pals. A puppy pawty with class and style! Also featured here Continue Reading