Watercolor Floral Decor Trending

Watercolor Floral Wreaths are trending in home decor, gifts, invitations and fashion. It is very pretty and perfect for Spring and Summer seasons. Items featured here from Zazzle can be personalized by adding monograms, text, dates, occasions and more.
Beautiful Watercolor Print Decor by Ambesonne

StreetStyle Chokers are Trending – check it out

Awesome Street Style from DollsKill – best fashion Chokers for Punk Rock Gals

Silver Metallics are Trending – so street style!

Check out these awesome trendy Punk Rock Silver Metallic fashions by DollsKill

silver metallic fashion

Galaxy print Leggings – so street!

galaxy fashionGalaxy Fashion is trending now – but top of the list of must ‘avs are Galaxy print leggings! Check out these great designs!

Check Out The Latest Galaxy Fashion Here


More Fun Galaxy Street Fashion

Such A Nasty Woman and PROUD!!



Modern feminist Fashion

  • Girl Power Feminist Symbol T-shirt
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable Girl Power Feminist Symbol T-Shirt is designed on the tshirt and would interest those who like feminist, feminism, feminist symbol, feminism symbol, feminist icon, feminism icon, and feminist sign stuff.
  • Price: $18.95
  • Feminist Slouchy Tee
  • < span class="MAP65611_lbl_merchantName">Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable Feminist Slouchy Tee is designed on the tshirt and would interest those who like women, politics, feminist, hillary, clinton, campaign, and 2016 stuff.
  • Price: $26.90
  • "a woman's place" feminist button
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable "a woman's place" feminist button is designed on the button and would interest those who like feminism, womens rights, politics, riot grrrl, women, equality, and political stuff.
  • Price: $2.10
  • This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Pinback Button
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Pinback Button is designed on the button and would interest those who like feminism, feminist, political, new, this is what a, looks like, and third wave stuff.
  • Price: $1.95
  • Hillary Sticker
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable Hillary Sticker is designed on the bumper sticker and would interest those who like hillary, clinton, hillary clinton, anti clinton, anti democrat, obama, and supporter stuff.
  • Price: $4.20
  • President Hillary Bumper Sticker
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable President Hillary Bumper Sticker is designed on the bumper sticker and would interest those who like bill clinton, hillary, anti clinton, hillary clinton, liar, president, and stupidity stuff.
  • Price: $4.20
  • Hillary Clinton President 2016 Black Ink Pen
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable Hillary Clinton President 2016 Black Ink Pen is designed on the pen and would interest those who like hillary clinton, president, election 2016, zlection, vote, presidential, and campaign stuff.
  • Price: $4.95
  • Hillary Clinton buttons
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This custom Hillary Clinton buttons is designed on the button and would interest those who like political, politics, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, election, anti donald trump, and hillary clinton 2016 stuff.
  • Price: $2.95

Bridesmaid Dresses for young teens

How to dress a 12yr old bridesmaid so she’s not too grown-up and not too young looking?

Bridesmaid Dresses For Young Teens

This can be a tricky age for the young woman, hovering between being a child and being a teenager. They want to look fun and fashionable and not be seen as frumpy or too childlike. We have hadnpicked some bridesmaids dresses that are fun and suitable we feel for twelve year olds. They are not strapless and are just above or below the knee in length. They are very flattering and at the same time suitably demure.

Full range of Knee length Bridesmaid Dresses HERE

Tulle Skirts are hottest new fashion trend for girls – check out latest affordable styles!

Tulle skirts are the hot trend for the coming seasons and no wonder.

Tulle fabric is opaque, floaty, romantic, suits a variety of shapes, can be dressed up or dressed down and is suitable for day and night wear. I personally love Tulle and will be definitely sporting a Tulle skirt or two in the Spring of 2017 when these Tulle skirts are likely to be the number one Trend for girls and ladies. Featured here are my picks for trending Tulle skirts. To see larger images click on them. They’re super pretty and very elegant. You don’t have to be a ballerina to wear Tulle skirts anymore! Fab!! And these are very affordable too.

  • Pleated Tulle Skirt
  • < a href="http://www.shareasale.com/m-pr.cfm?merchantID=10669&userID=1072628&productID=566584005&afftrack=" target="_blank" class="MAP79357_productNameLink">
  • Merchant:YesStyle.com
  • Price: $54.90

Kawaii Party Food Doodle Skirt and Bag in candy pink – Teen Fashion

kawaii doodle party food skirt pinkIntroducing the Kawaii Doodle skirt featuring Kawaii Party Food pattern.

This is one of my favorite designs so far. I love it. I ordered the skirt (left) and tote bag featuring this print to examine the quality. Both arrived yesterday and they look fabulous. The colors really pop!

kawaii doodle tote pinkThis all over print is also available on Leggings, bedding and other accessories from RedBubble. It also features in my store on Zazzle which has a number of Kawaii Doodle patterns gifts, accessories and clothing items including all-over print tanktops.

kawaii doodle leggings partyfood by leahgKawaii fashion is hugely popular in Japan and is fast becoming popular in the West. The style of design featured here is best described as ‘doodle’ art with the theme ‘partyfood’. Also featured as part of this design is my very own chibi cartoon character PinkyPkawaii doodle bag pink

More Kawaii Doodle designs I created feature below.