Top 10 Ways to Save Money Buying Gifts

Ten Gift-Giving Tips While You Save By Christiene Villanueva When thoughtfulness meets practical sense, you have a sure-fire formula for sound gift-giving. No matter how good it feels to make someone else happy, the value of gift-giving should not be measured based on the amount fetched for it, but on Continue Reading

Holiday and Birthday Gift giving dilemmas

I come across gifting dilemmas daily, some of them are listed below. I have found solutions to most and where I have done so I have linked it to the question. If you can’t find the answer to your gifting dilemma, pop it comments below and I will endeavor to Continue Reading

Do I buy a gift for someone just because they bought one for me? Q

To reciprocate or not reciprocate that is the question? Your fear is that the person who bought you a birthday or holiday gift will feel upset and annoyed if you don’t reciprocate. That can be the case but it depends on the person who is giving you a gift. If Continue Reading