Be A Unicorn In A Field Of Horses Quote Gifts, Decor, Tshirts

Be YOU, original fabulous and unique with these inspirational ‘Be A Unicorn In A Field Of Horses‘ gifts, accessories and decor items

Be a unicorn in field of horses quote tshirtWhat does this expression mean? 

The world is full of people striving to be like every other person, following fashion, fitting into stereotypes and adhering to a set to of cultural norms. Being a unicorn in a field of horses, means that you want to stand out from that crowd, be unique, original, different.

Dare to be brave, bold and above all be yourself, whatever that might be!be a unicorn field of horses quote iphone phone cases

These are great inspirational quote gifts for girls and young women who need a reminder that it isn’t just OK to be different, it’s positively preferable. It’s also a great quote for those on the autism spectrum.

Be a unicorn in a field of horses‘ quote features here on t-shirts, pillows and other gift items, some of which can be personalized with the girl’s name.

Graphics featured include the modern and trendy unicorn faces, complete with boho flower crowns and lush eyelashes.

be a unicorn field of horses quote pillow

Gary Larson Books, Tshirts, Gifts

Funny Gary Larson Farside Books, Tshirts and Gifts

gary larson gifts tshirts books merch

Henna Elephant Mandala Decor and Gifts

Ornate Henna Elephant Mandala Decor, Fashion and Gifts (many can be personalized) created by designer LeahG, exclusive to her online stores.

Henna elephant mandala designs (Mehndi tattoo style) are fashionable themes for Indian and Western Clothing, Room Decor and Accessories. They are very attractive, ornate and appeal to those who enjoy vivid colors, detailed design and spiritual inspired motifs.

I have created designs which I feel incorporate trending colors for home and fashion and have more in the pipeline – watch this space!

henna elephant head mandala mehndi clothing


Henna Elephant Mandala Throw Blanket in pink, purple and white

Click on the image and zoom in the view the incredible detail of this Henna art style home decoration item. It is very stylish and has matching pillows to create a wonderful spiritual bohemian style theme for your home.
henna elephant mandala throw blanket decor


henna elephant mandala gifts decor fashion Henna Elephants and Mandala prints are trending now as we enjoy a greater awareness of mindfulness practice and more of us are embracing the spiritual, enlightened side of life.

Decorative imagery featuring symbolic animals and art is part of embracing that lifestyle.


henna elephant mandala lord ganesha hindu gifts

These gifts are also suitable as Hindu house warming gifts as the elephant design can represent Lord Ganesha which is a popular deity to feature on housewarming gifts in the Hindu culture. It represent many blessings and good fortune.

The colors are modern with pinks, purples, gold and turquoise blue and gold. Some of the henna elephant heads are in traditional black line, others are white for a more lace like henna effect.
henna elephant head mandala fashion clothing tattoos henna elephant mandala gifts tshirts decor henna elephant mandala throw pillows decor

shop now henna elephant mandalas

Watercolor Floral Decor Trending

Watercolor Floral Wreaths are trending in home decor, gifts, invitations and fashion. It is very pretty and perfect for Spring and Summer seasons. Items featured here from Zazzle can be personalized by adding monograms, text, dates, occasions and more.
Beautiful Watercolor Print Decor by Ambesonne

How To Make A Polymer Clay Fairy Cottage Gift

Adorable Polymer Clay Fairy Homes and Cottages make perfect gifts for enchanting young children or for adults who still believe in magic!
DIY Fairy Cottage Gift polymer Clay
I believe in magic and as a fan of all things Polymer Clay I am beside myself over these wonderful Polymer Clay Fairy Cottages which fellow crafty people have made (see pinterest for more). I’ve had a go at making fairy doors from polymer clay and this is my next project!! Let’s do it together.

fairy door fairy home polymer clay mould setI have seen fairy cottage moulds for creating these (see left) but another way of making them is to mould the polymer clay around an oven proof jar. The glass jar holds the shape and creates a great base and perfect round cottage shape. It also lends itself well to being adapted with LED fairy lights (inside) or a tea light. These make great lanterns.

Youtube tutorial re how to make a fairy home using a jar!

If you want a more structured way of crafting your fairy home, you there are many wonderful fairy home craft kits available from Amazon, including DIY fairy garden kits.

fairy door cottage cobblestones wall cladding mouldsEnough talk, let’s get started!! I’m going to try out the jar method myself. I do have a fairy door mould which I shall use in conjunction with the jar. I will post pics when I’m done 🙂 I hope you do too via comments below. You can also email them to be via

What do we need?

There are two approaches regarding the Polymer clay colors. You can buy individually colored clays and combine as required or use a single block of white polymer clay for the entire project and then paint it and varnish afterwards to add the color.

how to make fairy door polymer clay
My fairy door!

Featured below are both options along with Polymer Clay tools which make life a LOT easier. I have all of these things from previous polymer clay projects.

Get yourself a nice storage container (I use a tin garden tools box) to keep everything tidy and accessible.

Super cute ready made minitaure polymer clay beads that you can use to decorate your fairy home. Imagine a fairy home covered in sweets!!

Día de Muertos Gifts and Decorations Trending 2016

Día de Muertos – Day of the Dead Gifts

Día de Muertos kawaiiFeatured here is my latest Kawaii design featuring my character PinkyP. Here she is dressed for Día de Muertos aka Day of the Dead.

She doesn’t look too happy does she? Don’t worry it’s just her Sugar Art Skull painted face making her look that way. 😉

PinkyP is featured here with traditional red and white Day of the Dead flowers, trendy skull patterned dress and her very own skeleton teddy bear!

With the striking purple background this has a goth appeal and will I am sure be enjoyed by Goth girls who like the Kawaii style of art that is so popular now.

I have added this design to a range of products available from these stores:

  • RedBubble – Bedding, Clothing, Bags and more
  • Zazzle – Customizable Gifts, accessories, decor and clothing including iPhone cases

Día de Muertos Day of the Dead Fashion

a Día de Muertos Day of the Dead Fashion

Here is some more of my Day of the Dead Doodle Art –
available from my of the dead fashionkawaii sugar art skulls doodle artDay of dead graveyard kawaii


Personalized Pet Hamster Ornaments and Gifts

Adorable Pet Hamster Art Gifts – Personalized

Hamster Owner Gifts I hope you enjoy these super Hamster themed gifts which mainly show my own Hamster art. I have added my own Hamaster art pics and Hamster photos to ornaments and gifts that can be personalized using Zazzle’s (the world’s number one leader in print on demand goods) advanced customization tools.

You can make a number of changes such as changingFunny cute honey Syrian hamster iPad cover background colors, adding or removing photos and images and adding text and names.

To learn more about this process and view more designs click on any image to enter the Zazzle store.

Hamsters with different colored coats are shown such as sable white hamster, black and white hamster, golden honey colored hamster and grey hamsters. Let me know if you have a Hamster you’d like to see featured that doesn’t feature here.

More Hamster themed Gifts and Accessories for Hammy lovers 🙂

Get Personal with Betty Boop – Personalized clothing, cards and gifts!!

I am a fan of Betty Boop and it is wonderful to witness the Betty Boop revival. I am old enough to have seen the original black and white Betty Boop animated films. Did I just admit that?? It is with great delight and a Betty Boop-esque squeal that I can announce that Zazzle (my fav merchant) has now added Betty Boop merchandise, gifts and cards to its list of customizables!

This means that you can own a piece of Betty Boop memorabilia that is UNIQUE to you or to the person you are gifting it to. All items can be personalized by adding text.

Meanwhile Betty Boop has also had a bit of a modern revamp – what do you think of her new look?

I think Zombie Betty Boop is fab for Cinco De Mayo!!

Zombie Love - Heart Throw Pillows


Zombie Love – Heart Throw Pillows by bettyboop


There are plenty of Betty Boop seasonal items too including t-shirts and tank tops. Betty Boop Tank tops are perfect street style fashion. Very trendy!! Lots of clothing, accessories, home decor items to choose from. I have sorted them into gift categories for your convenience.

Don’t forget to check out Zazzle’s current Coupons and Christmas Discount Deals

Betty Boop Pillows you can personalize as Gifts

Betty Boop iPhone cases and iPad cases you can personalize

Betty Boop Cards and Stuff you can customize


Betty Boop Mugs you can customize


A couple of Betty Boop Gifts from other merchants


  • Betty Boop Lip Balm
  • Description:Slather your Lips in this Cherry-flavored Betty Boop Lip Balm. It will have you Boop-Boop-Be-Doop'in all over town and that will look completely normal particularly in crowded, public places. Who doesn't want to celebrate this iconic pop figure with som
  • Price: $3.95
  • Betty Boop's Pink Hot Chocolate
  • Description:If you love Betty Boop, you'll love what she's cooked up. Alright, it's all Pink! Pink Hot Chocolate to be exact and it's sure good. She knows how to “Boop, Boop, Be Doop“ and serve a mean cup of Hot Chocolate. Get your cup out and cuddle up with your
  • Price: $3.95
  • Betty Boop Classic Sticker
  • Merchant:Rock America: Music T-Shirts, Posters & Gifts
  • Description:Betty Boop Classic Sticker
  • Price: $3.00
  • Betty Boop Wink Sticker
  • Merchant:Rock America: Music T-Shirts, Posters & Gifts
  • Description:Betty Boop Wink Sticker
  • Price: $3.00

TEN Reasons to start your Christmas Shopping Early!

What could possibly persuade you to start Christmas shopping now?

I don’t know how the holiday season is where you live but around here it can be anything but jolly! The roads are busy, the car parks are full and despite the Christmas spirit, many people are frustrated and tempers run short making Christmas gift shopping a very unpleasant process.

You can avoid the Christmas rush, panic buying, risk of empty shelves, out of stock notices and worse – SOLD OUT signs by starting your seasonal shopping and preparations early. Don’t worry you can leave decorating the tree till Christmas week!Christmas Postage

Speaking of  ‘sold out’ notices. What could be worse than your little boo boo dreaming about that one Christmas gift all year round, you saving up for it and then it being sold-out when it is time to buy it! This is every parents worst nightmare. You’ve seen the movie right? 🙂 The one with Arnie. Save yourself the drama and start Xmas shopping now.

Another reason to shop now; what if little Jonnie opens his much desired gift and … it doesn’t work! I don’t know about you, but I have tested every Christmas gift with working parts before I gave it to my kids to unwrap. The only thing worse than them not getting what they want is getting it and it is broken. And if it IS broken, then you need time to take it back and get a replacement .. test that one etc.

Merry Christmas If you’re ordering personalized gifts this year you will absolutely need to shop early. The Christmas period for customized products starts from October (in my experience). It is a hugely busy time for print on demand companies and as such there can be delays getting your product made and posted out in good time. And again, you need time to quality test before giving it as a gift.

Perhaps less important as a reason for shopping early is that itUgly Sweater Party Invitations will throw your kids off the scent. The scent of presents that is!

Children are especially vigilant around the Christmas and Thanksgiving period because they know somewhere there are presents! You will have to be on ‘operation stealth’ to do all that gift shopping, wrapping and hiding without them seeing you. They will not be expecting all this activity right now, so you can relax .. put the Ninja costume back in the Halloween box and shop at leisure, when they’re at school.

Finally, lots of gifts mean lots of gift wrapping. Don’t leave this till the last-minute like last year. You will have so many more things to do as the holiday season approaches. Get everything wrapped and stored in your secret hiding place well ahead of time to ensure a stress free Christmas, one less thing to worry about and do.

Is that ten reasons? I don’t know … the BEST top ten reasons for shopping early this Christmas are below!!

Ten awesome Zazzle Sales that end around 12th-13th October 2015.

All the Christmas gifts and decorations from zazzle can be customized and personalized. They make great unique gifts that will be treasured and kept this holiday season. Giving a custom gift is a surefire way to ensure YOUR present doesn’t end up in the trash or re-gifted the following year.

If you order your customised gift early, you can be sure it will not arrive after Christmas or worse get lost in that chaotic Christmas post. Give yourself peace of mind and order your holiday gifts early, giving time for the personalised gift to arrive. Zazzle also have a solid money back quality assurance guarantee, so no worries re those quality checks.

Meanwhile I will posting lots of great Christmas gift ideas for him, her, them and even the family pets in the coming days and weeks. If you would like some ideas drop me a line via comments below.

LeahG xx

TEN awesome Discount Offers from Zazzle!!

1.        30% Off Buttons – Use code: BUTTONFORYOU – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

2.        35% Off Notebooks – Use code: ZWRITEITDOWN –  10/13/2015 11:59 PM

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4.        30% Off WoodSnap wall Art – Use code: ARTFORURWALL – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

5.        25% Off Gift Stone Coasters – Use code: COASTERDECOR – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

6.        25% Off 6D Hair Ties – Use code: ZAZHAIRSTYLE – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

7.        50% Off All Cards – Use code: EARLYSPECIAL – Expires: 9/12/2015 11:59 PM PT

8.        30% Off The Miss America Store – Use code: ZMISSAMERICA – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM
9.        30% Off The National Wildlife Federation Store – Use code: NTNLWILDLIFE – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM
10.        20% Off Affinity Greek Store – Use code: YURGREEKGEAR -Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

Mermaid Gifts and Parties Trending Thanks to Kim Kardashian

Mermaid giftsApparently Kim Kardashian posted a pic of her daughters having mermaid lessons from a real-life mermaid at St Barts. A real life mermaid?? I think if there was a real-life mermaid even Kim Kardashian would be sidelined to page 2 for that story! I do not like to dissappoint however and as I am myself a Pisces (lover of all things water) and ‘mermaid-like’ ( I have the unique ability to float without treading water indefinitely in a fully vertical position) I am naturally a big fan of mermaid mythology.

Mermaid costumesEspecially popular right now are mermaid tail costumes! You can even buy adorable mermaid tail blankets, crochet style which are adorable. For boys they have the shark ‘eating’ them type of sleeping blanket. So they’re not being left out. Not exactly a merman though!!

Disney Mermaid Ariel is of course always popular, and there are tons of wonderfully cute gifts and party supplies for Ariel fans. Including some that can be personalized!

Take a peep at my handpicked mermaid, costume, accessories, party supplies and gifts. Great reviews!