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Henna Elephant Mandala Decor and Gifts

Ornate Henna Elephant Mandala Decor, Fashion and Gifts (many can be personalized) created by designer LeahG, exclusive to her online stores. Henna elephant mandala designs (Mehndi tattoo style) are fashionable themes for Indian and Western Clothing, Room Decor and Accessories. They are very attractive, ornate and appeal to those who Continue Reading

Watercolor Floral Decor Trending

Watercolor Floral Wreaths are trending in home decor, gifts, invitations and fashion. It is very pretty and perfect for Spring and Summer seasons. Items featured here from Zazzle can be personalized by adding monograms, text, dates, occasions and more. Beautiful Watercolor Print Decor by Ambesonne Hello Beautiful Watercolor Floral Bathroom Continue Reading

How To Make A Polymer Clay Fairy Cottage Gift

Adorable Polymer Clay Fairy Homes and Cottages make perfect gifts for enchanting young children or for adults who still believe in magic! I believe in magic and as a fan of all things Polymer Clay I am beside myself over these wonderful Polymer Clay Fairy Cottages which fellow crafty people Continue Reading

Día de Muertos Gifts and Decorations Trending 2016

Día de Muertos – Day of the Dead Gifts Featured here is my latest Kawaii design featuring my character PinkyP. Here she is dressed for Día de Muertos aka Day of the Dead. She doesn’t look too happy does she? Don’t worry it’s just her Sugar Art Skull painted face Continue Reading

Personalized Pet Hamster Ornaments and Gifts

Adorable Pet Hamster Art Gifts – Personalized I hope you enjoy these super Hamster themed gifts which mainly show my own Hamster art. I have added my own Hamaster art pics and Hamster photos to ornaments and gifts that can be personalized using Zazzle’s (the world’s number one leader in print on Continue Reading

Get Personal with Betty Boop – Personalized clothing, cards and gifts!!

TEN Reasons to start your Christmas Shopping Early!

What could possibly persuade you to start Christmas shopping now? I don’t know how the holiday season is where you live but around here it can be anything but jolly! The roads are busy, the car parks are full and despite the Christmas spirit, many people are frustrated and tempers Continue Reading

Mermaid Gifts and Parties Trending Thanks to Kim Kardashian

Apparently Kim Kardashian posted a pic of her daughters having mermaid lessons from a real-life mermaid at St Barts. A real life mermaid?? I think if there was a real-life mermaid even Kim Kardashian would be sidelined to page 2 for that story! I do not like to dissappoint however Continue Reading

White Throated Sparrow gifts, tees and accessories

White Throated Sparrow Bird Poster by AudubonReproductions Browse for more artwork prints White-throated Sparrow – John Audubon Shirt by VintageCornerStore Check out Audubon T-Shirts online at zazzle Who the Tweet? Tshirt by birdorable Browse more Cute T-Shirts at Zazzle White Throated Sparrow Photo Print by GoldenMenagerie Learn more about digital Continue Reading