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Why Keep A Gratitude Journal?

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Focusing daily on what you’re thankful for fosters contentment

No matter how hard we strive to be happy and contented there will always be days when we are stressed, anxious and feeling low because things haven’t gone as planned and it feels like the mountain we have to climb to reach normality is insurmountable. It is times like this that looking through your gratitude journal can help restore balance.girls gratitude journal personalized rose gold

Seeing daily records of blessings reminds you that not every day has been like it is today. It is all too easy to forget when we’re sad what it was to be happy. It’s easy to fool ourselves into thinking every day has been bleak and miserable. And that’s just not true. Also there is something no matter how small to be thankful for every day.

Something as insignificant as appreciating how comfortable your slippers feel on your feet today. How bright the sun shines through your kitchen window warming your cheek.

Gratitude Journals for Boys Girls, Men and Women – modern themes

kids adults gratitude journals personalizedThese unique personalized gratitude journals make wonderful keepsake gifts for women, boys, girls and men not only so that you or the gift recipient can record your daily blessings but as a keepsake to remind you of all that you’re thankful for on those days when its a struggle to lift your spirits.

Add a name or a mindfulness expression to personalize these qulaity Gratitude Journal Keepsake Gifts.

Also included in this range are ‘reasons to be thankful’ postit notes also personalized. They feature child and adult themed designs, modern and trendy.

They make great gifts from Godparents to Goddaughter or Godson and as keepsake gifts for sons, daughters, moms and dads.

Gratitude Journals From Amazon

How To Complete A Gratitude Journal

It is best not to be dogged down by adhering to rules when mindfully recording what you’re thankful for. One day you may feel like writing a page about a single event or feelings and other days you may write half a page of one-liners about several small things you’re grateful for. As long as each day no matter how you feel you take a few moments out to think about what small or large thing today was welcome, comforting, appreciated.

Gratitude Journals For Kids

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