Math themed Graduation Party – personalized party supplies

How wonderful to have a son or daughter graduate in Mathematics. Maths is known to be one of the hardest subjects during ones compulsory education and those that follow a Math route for further education are rightfully revered.

Congratulations from me to you!! Well done. I am sure your ‘genes’ had something to do with your child’s success, you’re allowed to be proud. Both my son and daughter are good at Maths (they get it from their dad) I don’t expect them though to pursue Maths after High School as their interests lie in other directions but we will see. It would be lovely if my son did and I am sure this would help in some way with his desired career in Game Programming or to be more accurate ‘Game Testing’ … he’s eleven! There is still time 🙂

Graduation Party Invitation | Class of 2015

I have gathered together some really fun graduation gifts for your mathematics grad. son or daughter. They’re quite fun. You and I may not get the joke of course! No worries, they will.

If you page down further you’ll find some customizable graduation party invitations and supplies.


Fun Geeky Gift Ideas and Accessories by César

Math geek Pi symbol, blue circle and digits. Print

Today’s Designer Spotlight is on Zazzler known as César

“My name is César, I’m about to turn 30, and I was born and live in Guatemala. I am an Industrial Engineer by profession, but I have always had an artistic side which I try to cultivate by playing piano, shooting photographs and creating my own designs on Zazzle.Musical DNA Note Book

I opened my latest, and principal store earlier this year, and I have been striving to create designs that showcase what I love. Many designs are centered on music, photography, nerdy or geeky phrases, and literature. But there is a lot of variety in the designs I have posted, and there are abstract doodles, patterns, and many other types of designs.

Math geek romance: find real love barely there iPhone 6 caseI would love to have more time to create and promote my store, but I am working full-time at a startup, so time is a rare commodity. My goal is to grow and promote my store to the point where I can choose to dedicate more time to designing, and less to a “normal” job”.