What’s Trending Now?

hashtag tweet mug2017 has kicked off with major drama and as such we’re seeing a lot of hashtag trending merch as an off shoot of political change, rallys, protests and the publics reaction to all the above! We’re keeping a close eye on the mood of the people and will be keeping you up-to-date with how the world around us drives trends and as such our buying choices.

Hashtag Tweet Mug 

Trending Wedding Themes 2017 2018

Wedding trends change seasonally and annually with new spins on the traditional wedding theme pushing brides to think outside the box. For the latest wedding trend news and ideas visit www.weddingdesignchic.com. If you’re newly engaged and enjoy coffee table reads, now is the perfect time to stock up on wedding guides. Check out these best selling titles from Amazon.

Fashion Trends 2017

I am in love with this years fashion trends, metallic silver and gold are rockin’ the celebrity highway!! To view the best looks and current trends visit www.streetstylegirl.com. And if you’re wondering what else is hot this season check out Amazon’s best buys!

What are the latest Shopping Trends?

Amazon is a pretty reflective source when it comes to identifying shopping trends. Best Sellers lists and reviews are great indicators. I’ve sourced some of their trending best-selling, best reviewed items – check ’em out!

Trending Gag Gifts

What these popular gift choices tell me is that toilet humpr is alive and well!

Trending Home Tech

One of the hottest trends right now are Fire Sticks, check out the reviews on this lot!! This is phenomenal buyer power. This trend tells me that the people have really embraced the Smart Home revolution. This is just the start of having everything you want at the touch of a button! Home entertainment was never so easy!

Trending Family Entertainment

Families want to stay home on a Saturday night and as such there’s been a surge of interest in family and adult friends board and card games! Check out these trending games.

Trending Books

What do our reading habits say about us I wonder! Have you ever been at a friend or work colleagues home and found yourself looking through their book collection thinking wtf! Every title is about a serial killer or witch craft…. eeek!

Trending News 

You can follow the latest trending News stories via google here.

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