Indian Wedding dress trends 2015- white Sarees

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Classy Appeal of White Sarees

Classy Appeal of White Sarees
By Hemant Jain

The color white is not a very common sight in Indian fashion. It has a dual reputation in Indian culture. On the one hand, it is considered inauspicious because of its association with widows and death; on the other hand, it is associated with purity and a higher consciousness which is why it is the preferred color of saints and learned men. Modern women and fashion designers, of course, prefer to leave such cultural associations aside in preference for the aesthetic appeal of white. Wearing white ethnic clothes is still considered a slightly unconventional move, but it has its roots in mainstream Bollywood fashion from a few decades ago. White sarees, for instance, are much loved for their seamless combination of innocence and sensuality and are an iconic Bollywood fashion.

For many women, sarees in white are a great way to get a classy, sophisticated look that sets them apart from the crowd. To offset the simplicity of this hue, designers often add interesting silhouettes, borders, embellishments, designs and blouses in order to create a more visually appealing look. The contrast of soft and simple white fabrics with dazzling metallic work is often used to create the jazzy and glamorous white wedding saree, while white sarees for casual wear are more likely to come with bright prints or floral, embroidered designs.

A white wedding saree is not a very common sight but is one that can surely be counted on to create a fashion sensation. To dress up white and make it more suitable for ornate and traditional wedding functions, designers often choose to add intricate and beautiful ethnic work such as zari, zardosi, Resham, ek taar, cut dana, gota patti, aari and booti. Modern style lace borders, velvet borders, crystal designs and sequins embellishments are also frequently used to create the ethnic chic vibe of a white wedding saree.

White is often used as a base color in the newer, more modern styles of sarees which are not bound to follow any traditional rules of fashion. A new and extremely trendy innovation in ethnic fashion is the white net saree. This is a very daring type of garment as net itself is an open fabric with a transparent appearance and this combined with the translucent white color gives the sari a very sensual look and feel. A white net saree is almost always embellished with large borders and tends to have very colorful borders and pallus made of heavier materials like velvet or brocade. This adds a touch of regality and luxury to the garment.

One of the biggest reasons why women today are much more open to experimentation in ethnic fashion is the emerging trend of online shopping. This allows women to track the latest trends, indulge in some window shopping and browse affordable and beautiful white sarees online right from the comfort of their homes. Even unconventional and innovative ethnic styles can be easily accessed by women across the world.

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