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Planning Your Wedding: What To Keep In Mind

By Juliet Ferrara

I love jewellery, that is a simple fact and for as long as I can remember, myself and my team have been working to help people find the perfect item whether for themselves, as a gift or of course for that all important moment when they get down on one knee. The jewellery industry is a fascinating one and we get to work with and create some of the most exquisite and unique pieces around and don’t ask me why but it is always the diamond engagement rings that remain etched in my brain.

Whether they go for a simple princess cut ring, opt for a coloured gem or go for a bespoke design, you never forget the moment you hand over that completed ring because you know it’s about to make one special lady very happy.

There is never a set “busy period” for engagement rings, as proposals are always happening and Christmas is no exception to this! As the New Year gets well underway, those women who were given and unforgettable Christmas gift will no doubt be wondering where on earth they should begin in planning their dream wedding!

I’d consider myself a jewellery specialist and although I’m no wedding planner; having worked with and met countless fianc�s and brides and grooms over the years, I’ve learnt a thing or two about making the process as easy as possible!

Below are a few of the tips I’ve picked up during my time…

  • Engagement Party – One of the most worrying things to consider when thinking of your wedding is who to invite! Narrowing down a guest list is an absolute nightmare at the best of times which is why sometimes it is not a bad idea to have a small engagement party. Gathering your nearest and dearest is a great way to determine who you will definitely be having at the wedding, who was probably not considered close enough to get an invite to the engagement party but can definitely come to the wedding and who you thought was an important part of your life but really isn’t close enough to be invited to either!


  • Rings – Another stressful part of the process is sorting out wedding rings so start considering this well in advance. If you’re engagement ring is unusually shaped you may find it difficult to find a band that fits well or matches perfectly, have a shop around and start looking as you may have to have a bespoke pieces created which could take some time. Don’t leave the wedding bands until the last-minute particularly if you have something unique in mind.


  • The Date – Here’s something that every newly engaged couple needs to keep in mind; locations, food, honeymoons, outfits and wedding invites, none of the work on getting these sorted can even begin unless a date is set. Don’t get trapped in a wedding oblivion where you wonder when and if your day will ever come and certainly don’t make things difficult by putting down deposits before you’ve 100% confirmed your date of choice. Decide on your date together and both agree on some leeway here and there and then begin looking for locations to avoid finding yourself stuck!

If 2015 is the year of your magical wedding there will no doubt be a million and one things to deal with and hopefully the above list will give you a helping hand along the way! Gather your thoughts and plan and prep to a tee and above everything don’t forget the wedding rings!

Juliet Ferrara is one of the leading team members at Diamonds Please and has years of experience in the diamond industry; helping people find the perfect quality ring in the perfect style.

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