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Decorating Your Home With Art Deco Design by Jude C Wright

There are many style options you can choose from to decorate your home in today’s day and age, even options that one would never have considered back in the 20th century or even in the past few decades. This includes one style from the 20th century that seems to be regaining some popularity recently, and that style is art deco. – Aug 02, 2008

Art Deco Fireplaces – Buying an Antique Fireplace by Richard Billington

From 1910 to 1940 a new school of art was the king of the home decor world-art deco. Today, art deco fixtures, like art deco fireplaces are still beautiful and sleek in homes across the United Kingdom and around the world. When you are looking at fireplaces for your home, consider an art deco fireplace for a stylized look.—Buying-an-Antique-Fireplace&id=454171 – Feb 14, 2007

Art Deco History by Marta Etynkowski

Art Deco emerged during the Jazz Age. It marks the period between WWI and WWII and is associated with a streamlined, graphic aesthetic. It is considered to be one of the most influential styles of the 20th Century. Learn more about Art Deco History. – Feb 18, 2009

Art Deco Interior Design by Suzie Chandlar

Sometimes, when people decide they want to get serious about decorating their homes, the choose a particular artistic style or period to use as a model. In the twentieth century, art deco took the artistic world by storm. – Jan 01, 2010

Learn About Antique Art Deco Lamps by Brian J Daly

A description of Art Deco lamps, and their popularity as antiques. Advice on how to get started in this field of antiquing, and why you should try to become an expert. – Aug 30, 2011

Antique Art Deco Engagement Rings – A Brief Guide to Art Deco Style Engagement Rings bySandy Curtis

Buying an engagement ring is a major purchase, and before you buy you should consider all of your options and be sure you are getting the perfect ring. One unique option that you may want to consider is an antique Art Deco engagement ring. The Art Deco period, between 1925-1939 turned out some of the most beautiful designs in architecture, home decor, furniture, cars and yes, engagement rings. Let’s take a look at what makes antique Art Deco engagement rings unique and why choosing one for your future wife may be the right option for you.—A-Brief-Guide-to-Art-Deco-Style-Engagement-Rings&id=1115320 – Apr 16, 2008

Art Deco Lighting by Marta Etynkowski

Lighting during the Art Deco movement was dramatic, elegant and futuristic looking. It was a very important feature of interior design and also a key element of exterior architecture. – May 02, 2009

Art Deco Designs Set For a Bold Comeback by Donovan Gauvreau

Are art deco designs here to stay? Their strong comeback in stores and their obvious popularity among many homeowners are promising signs of permanence. A discussion about art deco designs and their impact on society. – Jul 13, 2010

Purchasing Your Art Deco Antique Engagement Ring by Alana Sanderson

The thunderous acquisition of an engagement ring is certainly an investment, which should certainly be timeless. The Art Deco period of time of the 1920s and 30s currently offered a unique style, which has stimulated countless styles that we observe in our modern-day lives, as well as withstood modernization and the test of time. – Feb 16, 2010

Art Deco Design – Mirrors and Wall Decor by Reed Talonario

Art deco has its roots in the first half of the twentieth century. It has come back into the popular culture now and deserves consideration as a worthy style of decor for any home.—Mirrors-and-Wall-Decor&id=3831067 – Feb 25, 2010