What flowers do I give as a gift for different occasions?

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Sending Flowers As Gifts Based On Their Meanings

By Ramana P

It is important to follow certain rules when giving flowers as a gift. You can’t just wake up one morning, choose flowers and have them delivered to a person without taking the time to think about the message that you will be passing to that person. This is because different flowers connote different values and meanings. Therefore, the secret to making a floral gift count as what it truly is is in selecting it ensuring that the right message will be put across to the recipient. Flowers should send your heartfelt sentiments and hence the need to be careful.


They are without a doubt the most popular and are associated with romantic love. They are not only ideal for special occasions, but can also be given at any time to express your heartfelt feelings for a person. The different colors will make amazing choices for different people as long as you get it right. The most common choices you will find are the following.

� Red for passion, courage and love

� Yellow for joy

� Light pink for grace, sweetness and admiration,

� Hot pink for gratitude

� White roses for innocence and purity

Choosing the right color will ensure you don’t get your message all mixed up.


They represent innocence and purity and are therefore most ideal for a person that’s sweet in nature. They are most appropriate for little girls or female teenagers during special events. They also make good bridal flowers.


They should be given to people who have given you unchanging loyal love. They can be great as gifts for mothers on Mother’s Day considering that their love is never changing for their children. A bouquet of the same can be given to a long-time friend or to a close member of the family.


Etiquette suggests that they should be given as an expression of fascination. A man interested in a woman in a romantic way can declare his interests using carnations. The red carnations show admiration while the white carnations convey pure love sentiments.


Popularly referred to as mums, they are friendship flowers. They can be given to a friend who’s been sick or one who has just delivered a baby. Since they signify happiness and friendship, they can make great choices for different kinds of events and people.


They signify new beginnings and rebirth and they therefore make good choices for newlyweds who have taken the huge step of getting into a union and starting a whole new life together.

Calla lilies

They show magnificent beauty and any wife will love receiving them to show how exceptional and gorgeous she is to you.


They signify longevity and loyalty. They can be given to declare faithfulness or the will to stand firmly with each other.


Orchids stand for strength and luxury and are amazing in celebrating life’s richness or to boost the courage of a person. They can therefore be given to a husband.

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