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Disclosure: I may earn a royalty for items sold via links on this website, some of the designs are my own, others belong to talented designers and creatives from reputable sites.

Bespoke Fabric

Zazzle – the world’s largest print on demand online store has recently introduced fabric to its vast array of customizable products.

For myself and fellow designers this is a real treat.

To be able to see your design on fabric is something very special. Not only have we created something unique but the buyer of that fabric will also make something very unique.

It would be wonderful if buyers of these fabrics would report back to designers about the creations they’ve made with the wonderful Zazzle fabrics. Please feel free to contact me here with your pics and posts.

I would love to see any item made from any fabric purchased via the Zazzle site.

Meanwhile …

Why not have a go at designing your own fabric pattern! If you dare, you can take the plunge here.

There are a mighty  7 fabric options to choose from including combed cotton and natural linen. You can purchase your custom designed fabric as a swatch, quarter or by the yard! Prices start at $22.95 per yard. Bargain!!

fabric pinkyp kawaii girl
kawaii girl fabric pinkyp


I have been busy creating fabrics featuring my signature Kawaii Character PinkyP.

The tools for adding patterns and designs to fabric via Zazzle are fairly straightforward, and you have multiple repeat pattern options.

You simply upload your design via the ‘create’ tab. Spend a little time experimenting with the customization tools until you achieve your desired result. Ensure you hit ‘save’ as you are working, just in case you experience a techy malfunction and your customization efforts are lost.



Let’s check out some custom fabric creations by designers already available on Zazzle …

As you can see there is wide variety of bespoke fabric patterns waiting to meet your creative needs. Designers all over the world have stepped up to the fabric design challenge with real zest. Of all the products Zazzle offers, this for a crafter, is the most exciting of them all. 

Here are some of my own recent fabric creations

Please do comment here with your fabric designs and your fabric creations 🙂

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