Making Daniela Pupa 'styled' Jewels – a journey of discovery into the art of Polymer Clay doll creation

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Daniela Pupa is a Polymer Clay sculptress who creates amongst other things adorable Kawaii Lolita doll style pendants, charms and decorative items. Daniela’s facebook page is here.

From what I have managed to ascertain so far Daniela Pupa makes her wares and sells them at local craft fayres. She doesn’t sell online and I haven’t been able to find any youtube videos made by the creative herself re tutorials on how to make these polymer clay doll jewels. If you know of one let me know! 

I have looked online for other Polymer Clay doll style jewelry but haven’t seen anything yet which comes close to the star quality that Daniela Pupa’s creation exude.

The closest I have found are these polymer clay mermaid charms

In the meantime I have taken a leap of faith and decided to teach myself how to sculpt these adorable polymer clay creations. I am recording my efforts so you too may find the confidence to make your own. They won’t be the same as Daniela Pupa’s as she’s in a league of her own, but we can try to do a good job with our own special flavor or twist, taking inspiration from the talent of Daniela Pupa.

DIY Polymer Clay Doll Charms and Jewelry

Equipment for any DIY Polymer clay project includes the clay, tools and a varnish.

Tip1. Read the instructions carefully and follow them properly! 

My first attempt is awful, too big, too flat and ‘too baked!’ 🙂  The suggested bake temp for the super sculpey polymer clay I have is 130 and I set it at 180 by mistake. Ooopsie!

Tip 2. Try, try and try again

I scaled my efforts down and proceeded to ‘sculpt’. I am not a natural at this by any stretch, but I can encourage you to do as I do and persevere because I am noticing with each attempt … gradual improvement. This gives me hope!

Several more attempts later using apple princesscolored polymer clay and acrylic paint I create this.

I call her ‘The apple princess’.

Making the ‘heads’.

I did wonder if Daniela Pupa used a mould for the heads of her Lolita styled jewels or perhaps made her own molds as they are very uniform in shape.  I haven’t been able to find any information online re this. It could also just be the result of ‘practice makes perfect’.

Re the faces, Daniela Pupa seems to paint her dolls faces … I can’t say for sure.

Having looked as close as I can at pics posted online, I’m guessing that she is using a tiny fine tipped brush and using either acrylics or oils to paint on the kawaii anime style facial features. Larger pieces have a white circle with black inside then two-three more dots of white to highlight the eye. Smaller pieces appear to just have ‘black’ with spots of white for light flecks. The lips (given how super tiny they are) appear to have slight relief to them but this may just be an effect of the paint. Either way for such a tiny piece they are quite well painted.

There is also of course the possibility they are polymer clay! Even more incredible given how tiny they are.

Tip 3 – there are NO shortcuts

polymer clay dollI have tried to recreate the look of the manga style eyes Daniela ‘draws’ using a permanent fine tipped black marker and using tiny blobs of white polymer clay for the flecks of light in the eyes. So far, I don’t like the results. I was trying to take a ‘short-cut’ hoping to use marker pens instead of paint, but I feel I will have to give the paint a whirl.

I am not a natural when it comes to working on such a small-scale craft project. However, I am seeing improvement, so while imageI’m not there yet, I am confident I will be … eventually 🙂 This applies equally to you. if you don’t like your initial results, just keep trying until you do. You can save money by making your own polymer clay. I’ve seen a few useful tutorials re this online. However as I haven’t tried any myself yet, I won’t post links until I have. In the meantime, I am using super sculpey and pro sculpey for this project.

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  1. UPDATE: I have only just noticed the shade difference. Daniels uses pale pastel shades for her creations. Mine are pretty solid colors. My next efforts will therefore be ‘paler’.

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