How to make your own Baby Shower, Christening Gifts – polymer clay babies

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flower baby polymer clayMake your own Polymer Clay Sleeping Baby 
for new baby shower gifts, Christenings and more ..

Featured left is one I made. I added a couple of cute ladybugs (ladybirds) and put the clay sleeping baby on a silk flower. This clay baby gift fits nice and snug in a small jewelry box making it the perfect baby shower gift. You can also make your own miniature certificate of ‘birth’ adding the real babies details to make these even more personal and unique.

The idea being that this is a fairy baby. I love it! Not bad for my first attempt.

How to get started

I decided to have a go at making cute Polymer Clay babies after seeing some really adorable ones online. I did attempt to sculpt one myself …not hugely successful, so I bought a Baby Silicone Mold instead. The mould itself was fairly inexpensive. The application process is straightforwad and produced good results.

I sprinkle the innards of my silicone mould with talcum powder and then shake off any excess. This prevents the polymer clay from sticking to the mold when you try to release it.

I then firmly patted ‘Super Sculpey‘ into the mould. I have a blade to remove the excess … cut my finger on this so be careful! These blades are very sharp.

You can buy Super Sculpey clay  in flesh tones as shown re the clay babies above.

I made a polymer clay handle for mine to protect my fingers a little better and allow for more pressure. The motion you need when removing excess polymer clay with a blade is a ‘sawing motion.’

Be careful not to cut the mould. I also made this mistake. It’s a fiddly process and you need a steady hand and great patience.

After carefully flexing the sides of the mold to remove the polymer clay baby, I harden the baby in the oven (130 degrees for fifteen mins.) I found this long enough in my fan oven, but you may need a longer. After cooling I used a tiny bit of red Acrylic Paint– watered down to ‘wash’ over the clay baby. I let it seep into the creases and wiped off any excess of color with a wet wipe. You can’t see the effect of this in my pic unfortunately, but it looks nice in real life.

What to do with your Polymer Clay baby next?

Look online for lots of creative polymer clay baby accessories and decor tips. I chose to make my baby a flower baby. I used one of my many silk flowers for this purpose. I removed all the hard plastic pieces that held the petals together first. i then used a needle and thread to hand sew the petals together. I glued the baby to the flower using ‘no nails glue’ but there are of course other suitable glues you can use. this is just what I had around the house.

I made some polymer clay ladybirds (ladybugs) by hand (used a permanent Black Indian Ink
for the dots) to decorate.

If you have a go at making Polymer Clay Baby gifts, please do post some pics and details to comments here or email them to me. I’d love them!

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