how to make polymer clay runes

Beautiful, magical, mystical rune stones

Many years ago when cash was short (it still is for that matter 🙂 ) I made a very good friend of mine a set of Rune Stones with a hand sewn black velvet pouch to store. I hand wrote the stone meanings on some paper which I then added an ‘aged’ look to using tea staining and burned edges. I then rolled this instruction sheet into a scroll. I have no pictures I’m afraid as this was years ago, but it turned out to be a much appreciated gift and was so inexpensive. I used plaster at the time shaped into squares by adding a small amount to an ice-cube tray! This resulted in some fairly uniform rune stones.

I am reminded of this unique gift for those with an interest in all things occult, fortune telling and mystical, or perhaps witchcraft …

A great medium to make rune stones with now would be Polymer clay. You could add the clay to a mold or simply shape your own pebble type runes. You can paint the symbols on with acrylic paint, a permanent marker or carefully sculpt from polymer clay.

Others have had a similar idea and you can see their creations here with lots of ideas re how to make your own magical runes!

Meanwhile some singular Rune symbol gifts you can personalize if you don’t fancy making your own.


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