Apple Princess made from Polymer Clay – doll making

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apple princess

I made this cute Polymer Clay doll ornament yesterday and I’ve called her ‘The Apple Princess’.

I was able to create this after watching a really helpful YouTube video re ‘how to make Chibi Girls‘.

I’ve been struggling trying to figure it out myself. I found I couldn’t get very far without squishing every item I tried to attach! There’s a real knack to that. I am now confident that I am on the right track finally with my Polymer Clay sculpting efforts. Top Tip – watch the You Tube tutorials! Makes life a lot simpler.

Below is the polymer clay chibi girl tutorial that I followed and found so useful!

The experienced polymer clay artists do seem to use a lot of tools, and so I am finding myself buying yet more items to enable me to pursue this new crafty hobby.

Tools I am waiting on presently are some ‘wire’ – this is for sculpting the doll form around for stability. I have ordered a precision cutting tool for cutting out delicate shapes. And I am waiting on some teeny tiny shape cutters. All of these things make life that bit easier. Tools I already have are detailed here.

For my next project I will be making a Polymer Clay mermaid!

I have created a niche Amazon store for you to easily source all your Polymer gift making clays, tools, how to books and any needed accessories. Making things from Polymer clay is somewhat addictive – you have been warned 🙂

I have also handpicked some items specific for sculpting and making Dolls from Polymer Clay.

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