Early morning ramble about Polymer Clay obsessions

polymer clay dollI woke stupidly early today, around 4.30am. So what did I do? I got out my polymer clay kit and started painting one of my creations. I am making a miniature doll. This doll isn’t all polymer clay as I have made the dress from fabric. I’m thinking this doll may make a nice Christmas tree decoration, though it’s not the least bit Xmas themed! Maybe I’ll give her a Christmas gift to hold and then voila … Christmas theme! 🙂

I had a good day for polymer clay sculpting yesterday, I feel I made some progress. I’m getting more accustomed to using the tools and handling teeny tiny pieces of clay. Polymer clay sculpting is by no means as easy to do as it may look! I am persevering though.

I see so many beautiful polymer clay creations I am inspired and daunted all at once.

Yesterday I made a miniature Steampunk accessory collection ornament. Pics to follow later today. I sculpted a tiny Steampunk hat, googles, pocket watch, book, scissors and created a base. I’m not sure I like the base. I was at a loss though as what to do re that.

The problem with sculpting fine pieces of clay is that the delicate parts even when hardened can easily be broken by careless handling or knocks. I need to consider a solution re that.

My aim for today re polymer clay practice is to fine tune doing a decent Kawaii style ‘face’. I haven’t managed that to my satisfaction yet. I also want to check out some wedding figurines made from polymer clay as I want to make a friend a gift for her upcoming wedding. The difficulty being I won’t see the dress until after the wedding!

I may have to give the gift retrospectively as I would like to make an accurate (ish) representation of the happy couple on their big day. I think hand made gifts are so much more personal and I hope appreciated!

Meanwhile, I have a few favourite crafters now, not least Daniela Pupa who I have mentioned previously.

I will add a few links to more admired crafters here later today when I get my mojo! Its now 6.30am and I’m wondering whether to be officially ‘up’ or try to get in a short nap before the rest of the household awakes!

I think a short nap! 🙂 nn x

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