To Guest Blog or not to Guest Blog that is the Question – not anymore – do it and do it right

There is some debate as to how helpful writing guest blog posts for others can be. There is no reason for debate as it isn’t rocket science as to why it works for some and not for others.

For guest-blogging for others to work for you .. the content you write must be NON-SPAMMY, interesting and related to the needs of that sites target audience. The site should also be related to your own blog/site re content type.

If these simple points are adhered to, you (as the guest blogger) will generate interest back to your own site via the links in your guest blogger bio and Google will not be offended by your efforts. It will be a valued backlink.

You as the site hosting guest blog posts benefit from free, quality content that builds brand loyalty and Google goodness vibes.

Those sites for whom guest blogging for others hasn’t worked have hired companies that write poor quality posts on random unrelated sites. That is spam and no one benefits least of all you.

Either that or they have themselves posted low quality unrelated ‘Ad style’ posts on other people’s sites.

Don’t take your guest-blogging opportunity as a chance to write a sales pitch. This is when it all goes horribly wrong. Be helpful, be witty, be interesting.

I welcome guest bloggers as it is win win if done right and I am only interested in it being done right.

I will guest blog for you IF you have a site that is related to mine in subject matter. I will write a post that will be interesting and informative to YOUR target audience. This helps increase traffic to your site, site loyalty and good vibes for Google.

I will in some small part include my site link, perhaps in a bio.

This benefits me in that Google can see that my site link only appears on good quality sites that are related to my own. I may also generate some interest from your own sites readers.

Don’t be precious about this … this is a win win for you too don’t forget! Smile

If you blog for me, I expect a similar service.

If you wish to write for me – enter here

I hope this clears up some muddy waters re guest blogging benefits.

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