Gift Ideas for the strong silent type – Q

Q:What gift ideas are there for people who are tough and quiet?

A: Tough and Quiet could mean that they are shy, reserved, have difficulty communicating their feelings. It doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings however.  In fact their feelings are likely to run quite deep. The strong silent type often enjoy the release music brings. If you know what type of music they like, buy them a CD or something in the genre they enjoy. They may also appreciate a t-shirt with their fav music group featured.

I’ve sourced some suitable music themed t-shirts and I’ve even found some ‘strong silent type’ themed ones! Take a look.

  • Music Note Openwork Bookmark with Tassel
  • Description:These musical bookmarks are sure to show your wedding or bridal shower guests that you're hitting just the right note with your honey.
  • Price: $14.10
  • Music Note Print Small Diary
  • Description:Brand from China: BMDM. Color: D, Materials: Fabric, Size: A5: 140 x 195mm, Care: N/A
  • Price: $15.90
  • Music Note Strap Watch
  • Description:Brand from China: Chic Hours Watches. Color: 257 - White, Materials: Metal, Glass, PU, Size: Dial Size: Diameter: Large: 3.2cm, Thickness: 0.7cm Strap Size: Width: Large: 1.4-2.0cm, Total Length: 22cm, Care: Wipe Clean
  • Price: $11.90
  • Music Note Print Strap Watch
  • Description:Brand from China: Chic Hours Watches. Color: 256 - White, Materials: Metal, Glass, Size: Dial Size: Diameter: Dial: 3.2cm, Thickness: 0.7cm Strap Size: Width: Large: 1.4cm-2.0cm, Total Length: 22cm, Care: Wipe Clean
  • Price: $7.14
  • Rhinestone Music Notes Bracelet
  • Description:Brand from China: Cuteberry. Color: Gold, Materials: Alloy, Size: One Size: Chain Length: 18cm / 7.1", Chain Width: 0.5cm / 0.2", Care: Wipe Clean
  • Price: $20.90
  • USB Mini Turntable
  • Description:Why just listen to your music when you can scratch it, jam it, tweek and twerk it This Mini USB Turntable plugs right into your computer for instant DJ action on the go or anywhere. Plug into your computer and attach headphones or let it play out loud.
  • Price: $28.99

  • Drinkman: Walkman Flask
  • Description:Get your Drink on from the Drinkman while you listen to the best jams on your real Walkman! This Flask looks just like a Walkman straight outta the 80's-90's. You'll be so overcome by its authenticity that you'll actually try to play it after a few drin
  • Price: $14.95
  • 45 Record Coasters
  • Description:Rock on with these cool retro 45 record coasters. You will feel like you have gone back into time when turntables were in every home and those 45 records belted out hits from Sinatra to AC/DC. Each box comes with 4 different colored 45 record coasters.
  • Price: $14.95
  • Rockeys Key Caps
  • Description:Let's face it, your Keys need some help. They need to go from boring to Rockin'. Slip on these Rockeys Key Caps and they'll look just a boom box, record player, speaker, or cassette tape. So you'll have enough coolness to lay out your entire Key ring i
  • Price: $8.95
  • Pop! Vinyl Figure: Pop Rocks Gangnam Style Psy
  • Description:Get down to your favorite song of the year with your favorite artist of the year, PSY! This collector's Pop! Vinyl Figure is the perfect gift for all your impromptu dance lovers. He is set to go in his baby blue suit and curled lip. Just put him on you
  • Price: $12.95

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