How do I get guys to buy me gifts? Q

I was recently asked this question on another site.

Q: I see my girlfriends getting lots of gifts from guys. I don’t get any, how do I get the guys I date to buy me gifts?

A: I don’t want to make any assumptions about the young lady asking this question, but from experience and observation and having many male friends I had this advice to offer her:


“Believe me when I say the less you ‘give’ the more you ‘get’ when it comes to being in a relationship and by that I mean ‘hold something back’. Like your oldies would have told you, don’t make yourself too sexually available to men. Don’t be too quick to jump into bed with them. Guys like the chase and they respect girls more who demonstrate they’re a little bit choosy. It makes the guy feel more special when he is then ‘chosen’.

Men don’t want to be ‘one of many’. They also don’t like the idea of being compared to lots of other guys in the performance or equipment department. So .. keep your knickers under wraps and you’ll have some unwrapping to do when those gifts start rolling in.
The essence of all this is:

VALUE YOURSELF – put yourself on a pedestal, you are worth MORE than any man can give you.”
This advice is something all older women now know to be true. They also know urges and sense are often at war. It’s not to late to get your man to value you if you’ve had sex with him too soon. You simply keep a respectable distance indicating you require wining and dining and courting despite your night of passion and you’ll be keeping your panties on hence forth until you feel you’re in a ‘proper relationship’. One with mutual respect.

Despite the great leaps women have made in our fight for equality, it will always be the case that a woman who respects herself and her body is valued higher by men than those who do not.

Please do tell me in comments if you agree or disagree and what your advice may have been to this question.

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