What souvenirs make great gifts? Q

You’re on holiday or a trip away from home and you want to bring a special souvenir back for the people you left behind. It’s a lovely gesture as the people at home will have missed you and may even be a little envious that you’ve been away. So what makes a perfect souvenir gift?

The usual souvenirs people bring home as gifts can range from anything as simple as a stick of candy with your travel location on the wrapper to something more exotic like a handmade rug. The options are limitless though the general rule of thumb is that the souvenir represents your travel location in some obvious way. However, it is not just a simple matter of finding something you like and buying it. There are many considerations, some of which I have detailed below.

How will you transport this item? If you are going to be taking this item home with you in your luggage you need to ensure it doesn’t exceed any weight restrictions.

Is the item allowed? You need to ensure the item doesn’t break any possible restrictions imposed by border security control. This includes the obvious such as drugs and weapons. Less obvious will be food and plant items. Different locations have different rules, check them when you travel.

Will the item last the journey? If you’re bringing something perishable, consider how it will respond to travel. Ie the heat, lack of air, being shaken and so on. Also think carefully about how you package the item to ensure there are no breakages. A perfume bottle for example may be made of glass and could break in transit.

Ok so you’ve given consideration to all the above, what does that leave? It can’t be too heavy, too big, illegal, banned, or perishable.

Souvenir gift ideas that are NOT a good idea but everyone buys:

**Picture gifts like fridge magnets or plates with your holiday destination featured.

These make great momentos for you, but the person you’re giving them will not have that same nostalgic feeling when they look at them. Unless that is, they have also been there at some point. They are unlikely to want to display an item that features a place they haven’t been and don’t have some affinity for. In fact it is reminder they didn’t get to go on this great trip 🙂 As such keep the photo momentos for yourself.

Great Souvenir Gift Ideas

**Gifts that are made locally and have a purpose make great souvenir gifts.

A handmade leather belt or wallet makes a suitable souvenir gift idea for a man. Similarly a nice handcrafted bag or purse for a lady. Handcrafted journals, keepsake boxes and kitchen utensils also make attractive and useful gifts. Another great souvenir idea is handcrafted jewelry. This can be anything from a simple leather friendship bracelet to unique silver pendant and stone necklace. Ensure when choosing a gift that you pick for the person you’re buying for and not to suit your own personal taste.

Good luck!

If you’ve had a souvenir gift success or gift disaster, please let us know in comments 🙂

Featured below are samples of handmade gifts that may inspire your selection.

  • Blue Crystal Herringbone Earrings
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Sparkling blue crystals make a stylish statement! The faceted glass crystals are expertly wire-wrapped by hand in sterling silver with a unique herringbone pattern Made by hand in the USA.
  • Price: $29.99
  • Daybreak Collection 40" Wrap Necklace
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:A cheerful composition of sunrise-inspired elements makes for a fashionable adornment day or night! Handmade in the USA.
  • Price: $109.99
  • Handmade Polka Dot Mug Set
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Highlighted with lively polka dots, this handmade mug set includes 2 cheerful companions - one in russet brown and one in cream. Handmade quality that makes coffee time special!
  • Price: $56.99
  • Magnifying Glass with Handmade Cocobolo Wood Handle
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Hand-turned from cocobolo wood, the handle of this magnifier features a smooth, elegant hourglass-shape that fits comfortably in the hand - perfectly functional and handsome!
  • Price: $32.99
  • Handmade Wood Ring Box / Cufflink Box
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Handmade in Michigan, this sculpted wooden box is crafted with quality materials to create a sturdy heirloom-quality piece to hold and protect your favorite rings or cufflinks!
  • Price: $79.99
  • Handmade Wood Trinket Box Engraved with Teacher Quote
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Handmade in Michigan of all-natural maple padauk woods, the box is laser-engraved with 'A teacher affects eternity; they can never know where their influence stops.'
  • Price: $32.99
  • Handmade Hardwood Chopsticks
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:A fine fusion of fashion, form, and function! Handmade in the USA
  • Price: $17.99
  • The Messenger Handmade Wool Journal
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Bound in brilliant merino wool, the handmade Messenger Journal features 160 pages of thick, acid-free, cotton parchment, perfect for all types of media - pen, pencil, even watercolor! Made in the USA.
  • Price: $54.99

  • Tropical Print Purse
  • Merchant:Arttowngifts.com
  • Description:This light weight blue print fabric handbag is fully lined in green cotton. Brown glass bead fringe, glass bead closure and a mother of pearl button accents. 24 inch strap is light pink cording. 8 inch x 6.5 inch. 24 inch strap.
  • Price: $40.00

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