Dog Party Game Ideas

Fun Dog Party Ideas
By Kristopher Hampton

Does your dog have a birthday coming up? Want to get your friends and their dogs together for a fun time? Dog parties are definitely a growing trend that will only get more popular over time. It may sound silly, but dogs have become part of our families. As such, more and more people are including them in everyday life and events. Not only are dog parties a fun idea, but they are also a great socialization tool for getting your dog used to being around other dogs and people. Being well socialized is a very important part of overall obedience and training. Here are some tips for throwing a fantastic, fun dog party that your guests will remember for a long time.

1. Play dress up! On your invitations, mention that the party is a costume or dress up party. Your guests can come dressed up in dog costumes, funny dog tee shirts, trendy dog dresses etc. People will really have fun with this idea.

2. Get a cake specifically for dogs. You can find personalized dog cakes at most designer dog boutiques that are absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Most of them are made with healthy, all natural ingredients that are good for your pooch. In lieu of a cake, get a bunch of gourmet dog treats in fun shapes and sizes for your canine guests to munch on.

3. Have a lot of fun dog toys around for your guests to play with. Toys like frisbees, balls and tug toys are great fun and can be enjoyed by all.

4. Play fun doggy games with your guests. A fun idea is to set up an obstacle course that your friends and their dogs can enjoy. They don’t have to be experts; the idea is to have fun! You can also have fun contests and give away prizes to those who win. For example, give prizes for funniest dog costume or most “posh” pooch. You can even incorporate obedience training with this idea. For example, see who can perform the most obedience tricks such as sit/stay or roll-over. Be unique and think of games that will be fun for the four legged guests as well as the humans!

5. Give your guests dog goody bags. When children go to birthday parties, they are usually presented with a goody bag filled with fun stuff. Why not do the same for your doggy guests? You can fill these bags with things like toys, treats, dog shampoo or a cute dog tee shirt. Have fun with this and be unique!

An important safety tip is to make sure that the dogs you invite are socialized well enough to be safely around other dogs. Those who are only moderately socialized should be kept on leashes. Incorporating all of the above ideas will ensure that your dog party is fun and memorable. You’ll probably find that your human guests will enjoy it just as much as the dogs!

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