How to throw the perfect party for your dog

The Dog Party Guide – Give Your Dog the Perfect Party!
By Gerald Cormier

You can have a spectacular party for your dog with a few tips on how to set things up and on how to get things done. Planning is the key to getting the party running successfully and knowing beforehand what needs to be done, what you need to buy, who to invite and where to have the party will help to give you and your beloved pet the kind of party that is both fun and memorable.

Why you are celebrating is up to you. It could be your pet’s birthday, graduation from dog school or a doggy shower. Whatever the reason, you will need to plan around that occasion and come up with ideas that will make your pet, your guests, and your guests’ pets enjoy the day immensely.

Start Off with a Motif for Your Doggy Party

Some people may think that any motif will do for a doggy party, but hey, if you are celebrating an occasion for your pet, why not do it the right way? The motif for your pet’s party may depend on the occasion itself. If its a birthday, you may want to put the usual birthday type decorations for your dog’s birthday, although you might want to think more in terms of doggy décor, like bones with ribbons, smaller party hats and such.

If the party is for his doggy school graduation, you can have a graduation style motif for your party. Or if it is a puppy shower, you can have a shower motif, like small baby bottles and hanging mobiles to help give out that baby shower effect for you dog’s puppy shower.

Plan the Location, the Invitations and the Food


Before you can send out invites or even create a food menu for both humans and animals in your party, you may need to look for a suitable venue for your doggy bash. While the most convenient place for such an event may be your backyard, you may need to reconsider the hassle of having so many dogs and humans trampling through your house. Try to consider a park for a picnic-like setting. You can also try to find a venue that allows pets, if you are planning on an indoor affair.


When you are thinking of who to invite for your dog’s bash, you may want to consider the people who interact with your dog on a regular basis. You should consider inviting those friends of yours who are dog lovers as well and those who may have pets that your dog has interacted with in the past. You can also invite the dogs that your pet has played with on your walks or from some of the doggy establishments you visit. Try to make sure that you do not have too many dogs coming to your pup’s party since this may result in chaos. Just have enough of your pet’s pals around to really make it a pet event.

Once you know who you plan to invite for your dog’s big day, you may then plan the menu and choose which kinds of food you may want to serve your guests and your pet’s guests. You can also choose the invitations you want for the occasion and send them out as soon as you think it is possible to give people time to prepare for the coming event.

The Menu

When you are considering the food for the party, you might want to think in terms of two menus, one for your human guests and another for your pet’s furry four legged friends. This menu should consist of easy to eat foods since the pet owners you invite will also have to tend to their little ones and having food that is complicated or hard to handle may just cramp the movements of your guests. The menu that your four legged guests will have should consist of the kind of food that they can easily nibble on. There are a few doggy bakeries that specialize in packages like this for such occasions and looking through their menus for what you might want for your doggy guests will indeed help you set things up without a hitch.

Of course, you may want to prepare individual place settings and doggy bowls for your dog’s pals. Having an individual place setting for each canine will help each one get his or her own share of the goodies at the party and may also serve to help avoid chaotic scenarios when feeding time comes around.


What is a party without a few games? Try to organize a few games that involve both the pets and the owners. These activities may include fetch games, funny games or simple dog and owner games, like races where both owners and pets run to and from a set point in the venue. You can even try to come up with a fashion show contest where the owners dress up their dogs in their nicest togs and have the guests who do not have pets at the party judge who is the best costumed pooch in the venue.

Other activities may involve a simple trick contest. The pup that does the most doggy tricks may win a prize or the pup that performs the most unique trick wins a prize. Of course, you may have to prepare a prize that is suited to the winners and you may even include prizes for the owners too, if you want.

Do not forget to take pictures of the event so that you can look back at it and enjoy reliving the day anytime you want. You can place these photos in a special album with your pet’s face on the front and the date of the party as well as the occasion.

All in all, planning a party for your dog need not be a hassle if you plan way ahead of time. Having all the things you need in place and doing what needs to be done before hand will indeed help your pet enjoy his or her party and will help you enjoy it too.

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