How to avoid lack of attendance at a themed dress-up party – Q

kids golf party suppliesThemed parties are great fun and create some magnificent memorable photos for future generations to enjoy, but there is a down-side. If a themed party means guests have to go out and buy, make or hire costumes that can put them off coming altogether as not everyone likes dressing-up, not everyone has the time to source an outfit and most importantly, not everyone can afford to.

To avoid this problem arising you can as the party host assure guests on the invitation that ‘costume’ is optional and that there will be a ‘dress-up’ box for them to ‘accessorize’ their outfit in the party theme on arrival.

This will mean two things for you – the extra expense of filling up that dress-up box and accepting that not all guests will be in themed costumes when they arrive.

Getting a dress-up box together needn’t be as costly as you imagine. Scour the web for good ‘seconds’ in the costume props department, check out closing down sales for local party costume stores and of course go thrift store shopping. If you just want to help guests accessorize you can have a go at making some simple party props from cardboard. Throw in a box of face paints and you’re good to go.

Meanwhile for lovers of themed parties, check out the party theme ideas below. Click any image to view the full range of matching party decoration and supplies – all fully customizable online when you order.

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