It’s Baby Boom time – why are more babies born in the Summer?

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It may be an old wives tale that more babies are born in the Summer months than any other time of the year but the science seems to support it and August is the most popular month of all! Why is it? Well … legend has it that couples are more likely to make love in the winter months due to spending more time together at home due to the cold outside.

In olden times, this would seem logical as they may huddle together for warmth and then one thing leads to another … but in this day and age when we have central heating, under floor heating and more … does this apply now? Apparently it does, restlessness and boredom = baby making it appears!

How wonderful. It is of course optimal for many babies to be born during warmer months when food is in greater supply .. nature dictates it.
So there you have it. People make love more in the Winter.
If we take this scientific principle a tad further babies born around May perhaps indicate very sexual parents as they’re


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