TEN Reasons to start your Christmas Shopping Early!

What could possibly persuade you to start Christmas shopping now?

I don’t know how the holiday season is where you live but around here it can be anything but jolly! The roads are busy, the car parks are full and despite the Christmas spirit, many people are frustrated and tempers run short making Christmas gift shopping a very unpleasant process.

You can avoid the Christmas rush, panic buying, risk of empty shelves, out of stock notices and worse – SOLD OUT signs by starting your seasonal shopping and preparations early. Don’t worry you can leave decorating the tree till Christmas week!Christmas Postage

Speaking of  ‘sold out’ notices. What could be worse than your little boo boo dreaming about that one Christmas gift all year round, you saving up for it and then it being sold-out when it is time to buy it! This is every parents worst nightmare. You’ve seen the movie right? 🙂 The one with Arnie. Save yourself the drama and start Xmas shopping now.

Another reason to shop now; what if little Jonnie opens his much desired gift and … it doesn’t work! I don’t know about you, but I have tested every Christmas gift with working parts before I gave it to my kids to unwrap. The only thing worse than them not getting what they want is getting it and it is broken. And if it IS broken, then you need time to take it back and get a replacement .. test that one etc.

Merry Christmas If you’re ordering personalized gifts this year you will absolutely need to shop early. The Christmas period for customized products starts from October (in my experience). It is a hugely busy time for print on demand companies and as such there can be delays getting your product made and posted out in good time. And again, you need time to quality test before giving it as a gift.

Perhaps less important as a reason for shopping early is that itUgly Sweater Party Invitations will throw your kids off the scent. The scent of presents that is!

Children are especially vigilant around the Christmas and Thanksgiving period because they know somewhere there are presents! You will have to be on ‘operation stealth’ to do all that gift shopping, wrapping and hiding without them seeing you. They will not be expecting all this activity right now, so you can relax .. put the Ninja costume back in the Halloween box and shop at leisure, when they’re at school.

Finally, lots of gifts mean lots of gift wrapping. Don’t leave this till the last-minute like last year. You will have so many more things to do as the holiday season approaches. Get everything wrapped and stored in your secret hiding place well ahead of time to ensure a stress free Christmas, one less thing to worry about and do.

Is that ten reasons? I don’t know … the BEST top ten reasons for shopping early this Christmas are below!!

Ten awesome Zazzle Sales that end around 12th-13th October 2015.

All the Christmas gifts and decorations from zazzle can be customized and personalized. They make great unique gifts that will be treasured and kept this holiday season. Giving a custom gift is a surefire way to ensure YOUR present doesn’t end up in the trash or re-gifted the following year.

If you order your customised gift early, you can be sure it will not arrive after Christmas or worse get lost in that chaotic Christmas post. Give yourself peace of mind and order your holiday gifts early, giving time for the personalised gift to arrive. Zazzle also have a solid money back quality assurance guarantee, so no worries re those quality checks.

Meanwhile I will posting lots of great Christmas gift ideas for him, her, them and even the family pets in the coming days and weeks. If you would like some ideas drop me a line via comments below.

LeahG xx

TEN awesome Discount Offers from Zazzle!!

1.        30% Off Buttons – Use code: BUTTONFORYOU – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

2.        35% Off Notebooks – Use code: ZWRITEITDOWN –  10/13/2015 11:59 PM

3.        30% Off Favor Bags – Use code: ZFAVORBAGFUN – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

4.        30% Off WoodSnap wall Art – Use code: ARTFORURWALL – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

5.        25% Off Gift Stone Coasters – Use code: COASTERDECOR – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

6.        25% Off 6D Hair Ties – Use code: ZAZHAIRSTYLE – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

7.        50% Off All Cards – Use code: EARLYSPECIAL – Expires: 9/12/2015 11:59 PM PT

8.        30% Off The Miss America Store – Use code: ZMISSAMERICA – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM
9.        30% Off The National Wildlife Federation Store – Use code: NTNLWILDLIFE – Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM
10.        20% Off Affinity Greek Store – Use code: YURGREEKGEAR -Expires: 10/13/2015 11:59 PM

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