Funny 30th and 40th Birthday Over The Hill cards and gifts

I passed this milestone a while ago so I definitely wouldn’t say being 30yrs old is over the hill! 🙂 And now I’ve passed that other milestone (40th) I think there’s still a little life left in this old dog!

The 30th is however a significant milestone as the teenage years mark our supposed rebellious years, the twenties mark our roaming and adventure years and the thirties I suppose mark a turning point when things take on a more settled vibe.

Marriage and kids and buying houses dominate our minds. Up go motivational posters and down come boy band calendars. Well … for some.

Anyway … if you have a friend, colleague or relative that you want to remind about their upcoming change of pace, how better to do it than with some hilariously funny over-the-hill cards and gifts. Check these out for size. For personalized funny over-the-hill t-shirts and mugs page down.

Over the Hill Drinking Helmet – above

Drinking is sometimes a challenging task if you’re Over the Hill. Luckily, this cool Drinking Helmet makes you look fun and adventurous chugging two Drinks atop your head. You’ll be relieved you don’t have to carry the Drinks. I mean, walking is hard enough right!

Price: $11.95

Over the Hill Nose Picker

Getting Over the Hill takes a lot of extra efforts in your daily routine. Make things a little easier with this Nose Picker designer specifically for those of exceptional age. All you need to do is press the button and the electronic finger will pick unmentionables without you having to get your hands dirty!

Price: $10.95




Over the Hill Birthday Cake Top Hat

It’s your Birthday and you’re Over the Hill baby! Let your colors show and your Candles burn! Take the Cake this time with this Birthday Top Hat! It’s large, colorful, and the perfect accessory for any Birthday now that your much, much Older. Make a wish!

Price: $8.95





Lost Count, Who’s Counting Candles

These Candles help you spell out a special Birthday age that nobody really knows or is far too afraid to fathom.

Price: $7.95






Over the Hill Nosey Glasses Holder

If you or someone you know is the type that’s always losing their glasses, then the Over the Hill Nosey Glasses Holder is the product for you. Designed to make sure you’ll ‘nose’ where you left your glasses, the hilariously and adorable glasses nose stand.

Price: $7.95





Over The Hill Denture Bottle Opener

If you’re Over the Hill but still love to party like the best of them, this Denture Bottle Opener has got just the bite for you. It looks just like a real pair of Dentures but these are ultra strong and durable with a Bottle Opener in the center.

Price: $7.95





Over the Hill Parking Permit

If you’re Over the Hill chances are your driving is not the best. You’ll need special access to all the best the roads have to offer. Here’s your Official Over the Hill Parking Permit! It allows you to park where you want, when you want (as if you would if you were an OAP).

Price: $5.95





Over the Hill Stool Sample and Stool Softener

If you’re Over the Hill, you hear the terms “Stool Softener“ and “ Stool Sample“ a lot. They’re just part of your daily routine. Here’s a package to get you going on the right track and to get that Stool acting all kinds of regular and stuff.

Price: $4.95





PMS Pills

When approaching PMS, prepare for the worst. Be smart and take these PMS Meds first. Symptoms include screaming, aggressive acts, fierce staring, flushed complexion, and violent outbursts. Proper dosage instructions are the on the back of the package.

Price: $4.95





Over the Hill Jumbo Message Pad

Sometimes those little Message Pads aren’t gonna cut it. Your eyes have now reached a level of maturity that is sometimes deemed “Over the Hill.” So you’re Over the Hill now and you’re gonna need this Jumbo Message Pad with giant text for easy viewing.

Price: $4.95





Over the Hill Giant Aspirin

There is no cure for old age but there are medications to help you deal with the annoyances. Aspirin has become your best friend but it gets even more annoying having to take so many little pills all day. Pop this Giant Aspirin and you’ll be all good.

Price: $4.95






Over the Hill, Age 40 Candle

It’s the big 4-0 and you’re Too Pooped to Party! You are officially Over the Hill! This Cake Candle topper will remind you of the epic journey that is yours. Will you be able to get up to blow out your Candle Will you be able to muster the energy to e

Price: $4.95





Over the Hill: New Parts for Old Farts

Let’s face it, we could all use a few new Parts once we hit a certain age. But who wants to wait in all the organ donor lists or have synthetic organs made in another country Now you can buy this six-pack of New Parts For Old Farts.

Price: $4.95





Over the Hill Decision Dice

Do you need help making decisions Decisions like when to take a nap and when to count your pills are sometimes lost in the daily grind. Let these Dice be the guide every morning and night with all your once simple tasks that now take time and focus.

Price: $3.95





Over the Hill Sexual Excuse Pad

It’s been so long that you can’t remember why you don’t want to take it to the bedroom. Well, you can’t really remember anything so here’s a great Sexual Excuse Pad that makes it easier to avoid strenuous activity. It’s a cheaper alternative to Viagra.

Price: $3.95




Over the Hill, Medical Alert Whistle

It seems Over the Hill people need a lot of help, frequently. It also seems they forget they need help or perhaps who or where they are. In any of these cases, blow the Whistle that hangs from your neck and people will come to your aid. We hope people

Price: $3.95





Over the Hill Exerciser

If you’re Over the Hill and need a little exercising help, this Exerciser is for you. It helps you out where things tend to get a little limp. Of course, we only expect that serious fitness enthusiasts will be able to handle the technique and discipline required of this penis fitness tool.

Price: $3.95





Over the Hill Balloons – Dozen Mylar

Wish that Oldy-But-Goody a Happy 40th with colorful Over the Hill balloons! Our designers will coordinate one dozen Mylar balloons for a one of a kind bouquet they are sure to remember. Other Occasions available.

Price: $69.95






Over the Hill Birthday Gift Basket

That over-the-hill birthday will be lots of fun when the Over The Hill gift basket arrives. A tombstone towers over cookies, over the hill pills, an over the hill mug, lots of goodies as well as the Victims Guide to Birthdays book.

Price: $54.99





Over the Hill Coffin Gift Collection

They’re on their way out and your bound to let them know it with this hilarious Over The Hill coffin. Filled with unique over the hill themed items this unique gift is sure to brighten or worsen their day. Is being over the hill a good thing?

Price: $29.99






Over The Hill Birthday Kit

This over the hill birthday kit is a sensational creation for your favorite bithday star celebrating that milestone year! Sure to bring squeals and laughs of joy this exclusive kit includes: Black gloss gift box (measures 6x6x6)Fabric Over The Hill hat

Price: $44.91






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