Trends in Men's fashion – Purple and Yellow Plaid

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I love fashion and am a fan of all things colorful which is why I was delighted to learn that Purple and Yellow Plaid appears to be trending in men’s fashion! Those that know me know I am purple obsessed anyway so the fact it is now trending in men and boys fashion is a big’un for me. Men’s fashion has been so boring and colorless for so long that any injection of colors other than blue, black and grey are VERY welcome.

I have been working on facilitating a change in men’s fashion to more colorful (some would say feminine) ‘cute’ pattern and color combinations. I am as such pleased to introduce my latest design creations which encompass current trends in men’s fashion as well as building on existing trends in Kawaii’ fashion and Japanese Street fashions styles.

For those who don’t know, Japanese Street Fashion is a major driving force in current fashions in the West, except we are years behind them which is why for some of you, the designs I am about to show you will appear to you to be very OTT! But compared to what is on the Streets of Harajuku and Tokyo, they’re tame. Trust me on that!

I am creating designs for the adventurous Western male palette. DO please let me know what you think of these in comments and if you know anyone who’d enjoy them please share. Thankin’ you .. Meanwhile if you’re curious to learn more about Japanese Street fashion styles, check out my Kawaii Blog.

Check out the rest of my daring range of fashions for men Now.

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