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I have recently been diagnosed as EDS type 3 and my son is in the process of being diagnosed also. For those of you who don’t know what EDS type 3 is (many don’t including Dr’s) it is a genetic abnormality which affects the connective tissues of the body.

In the case of EDS type 3 or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 111 (also known as EDS HT) this means a variety of issues, with perhaps the most prevalent being the Joint instability and pain that comes with severe hypermobility syndrome. There are many other features and I urge you to read this sites info to inform yourself re EDS type 3 so you may better be able to support those who have it, as well as help identify it.

I am in the process of creating some medical alert badges, buttons, keyrings and keychains for EDS Type 3 that can be personalized by the EDS sufferer to identify their salient risk factors, as it differs from person to person. In my case for example I know from experience that stitches do not hold, they re-open shortly after surgery. So that is something I would put on my EDS type 3 medical alert button. I will also add a list of the pain meds I take daily as this is quite important information should an emergency arise and more pain relief is being issued.

The beauty of these EDS type 3 medical alert items is that YOU customize them to suit YOU.

EDS Type 3 Don't Judge TshirtI have also designed a T-Shirt for EDS Type 111 suffers featuring a rainbow zebra, which is our symbol. The rainbow Zebra is representative of a ‘rare medical condition’. Beneath are the words ‘EDS Type 3, Don’t Judge”.

One of the worst aspects of this debilitating condition is that health can be affected in a variety of ways on different days. As such EDS type 111 sufferers may come off as hypochondriac attention seekers, when nothing can be further from the truth. Many of us live and function every day with a great deal of chronic pain, some managed with strong pain killers and others which don’t seem touchable by pain relief. This is in addition to conditions associated with EDS type 3 such as (in my case) Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. POTS is also a feature.

Some sufferers who have particularly advanced EDS type 111 may use a wheelchair for part of their day and yet be able to walk (apparently without difficulty) for the remainder of the day. This is entirely normal for an EDS type 3 EDS HT sufferer. The muscles tire quickly, joints become too painful to move. As such movement is possible to a ‘point’ then one needs help, from a stick or a wheelchair. In my case, I do not need either at this time and am very fortunate. Others not so much and to you and I they look quite healthy and fit.

Hence this t-shirt – don’t judge! People DO judge when they see ‘fit’ people use a wheelchair irregularly and perhaps need a lot of support one day and none at all the next.

Below are some more EDS supporter items and medical alert items. I will add to this over time.

If you are an EDS Type 3 sufferer or know someone who is please do comment below re your experiences.

EDS Type 3 Items by other designers


3 thoughts on “EDS Type 3 it's time to step out of the Shadows – supporter Gear

  1. I have never heard of this condition before either, and am sorry that you know it firsthand all too well. It’s a great idea to make these medical alert T-shirts, buttons, and other items not only to supply the needed medical information but also to raise awareness of EDS type 3. I can imagine how hard it would be to deal with pain on a daily basis and have people think you are a hypochondriac. As more people become aware of this condition hopefully along with it will come and understanding. It’s great you are making more people aware with both your products and your blog post!

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