Don't feed the Trolls – combat cyber bullies by ignoring them

I’ve come across many trolls in my time on the web but what is a troll? For those unfamiliar with the term, a cyber TROLL is a person who posts off-topic on a forum thread and purposefully derails it. Other kinds of trolls are those that ‘stalk’ celebrities and non-celebrities with personal attacks.

The expression ‘don’t feed the troll’ comes from being aware that the more you respond to a troll the fatter and more excited they become posting even more. In other words – ignore them. This is a LOT easier said than done and I have fed a number of trolls in my time.

I do though strive to have more self-discipline. I shall be taking up Tai Chi classes shortly, I am hoping that will help me achieve inner ZEN! Is that what you call inner calm in Tai Chi circles? I shall be posting more on that journey shortly.

Meanwhile here are some super fun ‘Don’t feed the Troll’ t-shirts and gifts for others who can’t resist handing out a sausage or two at the zoo. (Zoo aka ‘the Internet’) I really love these ones by ‘strangestore’ they’re super!!

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Here are a couple of my own ‘Don’t Feed The Troll’ items

More Don’t Feed The Troll items from other designers

3 thoughts on “Don't feed the Trolls – combat cyber bullies by ignoring them

  1. Your trolls are so great! The message is also great. I have my times as well where I could use a little zen when on forums! Great products, awesome designs, great message!

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