How to Personalize Zazzle Disney T-Shirts – Add Name – Tutorial

Zazzle (my fave print on demand merchant) offers a huge ever-growing number of Brand items that can be customized and personalized when you order. Disney is one of those Brand partners and as their t-shirts, gifts, stamps and greeting cards are so popular at this time of year (Christmas Holiday Season) I thought I’d do a tutorial to help you through the customization process.

I have chosen a Scooby Doo and Shaggy t-shirt for this tutorial. The instructions do though apply to every other type of customized item on Zazzle.

Let us begin at the beginning!

Step by Step tutorial for customizing your Zazzle Disney T-Shirt.

Tip: If you have two devices, it may be a good idea to have this tutorial open on one of them so you can refer to it while you customize your t-shirt on the other device.

  1. To view the wide range of Scooby Doo T-Shirts, Cards, Gits and Accessories you can personalize visit the ScoobyDoo Store Page.
  2. When you have chosen the Disney Scooby Doo item you wish to customize select the ‘Customize it!’ tab. You can locate this as shown in the image below next to the blue Add to Cart’ tab.

how to customize zazzle tshirts tutorial


3. Selecting this tab will reveal a set of customization tools which include ‘Art View’ (beneath the image of the t-shirt) and ‘Add Image’ ‘Add Text’ (shown to the right below the ‘customize it’ text. Switch to ‘Art View’. The t-shirt image will then disappear and you will see the space available for your image and text as shown below.

how to customiza a zazzle tshirt

4. Resize the image to create room for your text. Do you see the border to the image with the small boxes and dotted lines? Point your mouse to the little box to the far right. When you do this a symbol will appear to indicate that you can resize and reposition your image by holding your mouse over it. Draw the box in to resize and move it around to where you’d like it to be in the space.

5.Select Add Text – when you select this tab a text box will appear.

how to customize tshirts in zazzle

6. Type in the text you want on the T-Shirt. and then select ‘Done’. I have typed in ‘add name here’. You would of course type in the name or the one-liner you want to appear.

T-Shirt View


customized disney tshirts named tutorial

Art View

how to customize items in zazzle

7. Click ‘Save’ before proceeding further.

8. Changing the font size, color and type – Use your mouse to ‘Highlight’ and thus select the ‘change text’ tab.

A range of customization tools will appear. The ‘F’ in the circle is the tab you select to change the font. A table of fonts will appear. Scroll down and when you find a font you like ‘highlight’ to select it and then select ‘done’ to save it to your design. The number that appears in the tab below the ‘add text tab’ indicates the font size. Select this to change the size of the font. To the right of the ‘edit and ‘arrange’ tabs you will see some ‘position arrows’ and a white blank box. The box when selected will give you a color chart to select a color for your font.

TIP: If you do all this while in the ‘art view’ (see step 3) you will be sure to get everything within the print area.

If you have any difficulty at all with ANY of this – do drop me a line and I will do what I can to assist.
how to edit a zazzle tshirt

9. Add an image – if at any point you wish to add an image to your design you can do so using the ‘Add image’ tab. Selecting that ‘field’ will allow yo to resize and reposition it.

10.When you are happy that your text and image are properly aligned (spelling is correct) you can proceed with the other areas of customization, which include selecting a ‘size’ color and style of t-shirt.

You will see color options for the t-shirt and style options (men, women, children, different type of clothing) below the text and image editing fields. Select the style of t-shirt you want first as that will affect the color options that appear. Once done you can then select the color. Check that your text is visible against the color of t-shirt you choose.

how to customize a zazzle tshirt

11. You’re almost done! When you are happy with your choices, you must select a ‘size’.

Scooby Doo and Shaggy Zoinks Tshirts tutotial 7

12. Once all the above steps are complete and you are happy to move forward to checkout – select ‘Add to Cart’.

As you do this a pop up box will appear which shows you once more the image you have edited to help you check one final time everything is spaced and aligned correctly within the print area. Select ‘Continue’ if happy to do so.

You’re finished with the customizing of your t-shirt!! Well done 🙂

I guarantee this will be much easier the next time around and I also guarantee there will be a next time because once you give someone a personalized gift and you see how delighted they are with it, you will want to buy more customized gifts.

TIP: One final thing!!

Have a seperate desktop window open as you order so you can check Zazzle’s current special offers and discounts (they always have some) and ‘copy’ the coupon code that applies to your purchase and ‘paste’ it to the box that will appear when you go through the checkout for special offers and coupon codes.

zazzle coupons and current sales

And we’re done, do let me know if you find this tutorial helpful or if I could do it better. I will be doing more tutorials in the future so your feedback is important. Many thanks!!

Note: YOU may SHARE this blog post on your own blog as long as you clearly indicate myself LeahG as the source with a live link back to this blog post and you do not edit the article. If you have any tutorials re Zazzle that I can add here in a similar fashion please let me know via my blog post comments  🙂

Thank you

2 thoughts on “How to Personalize Zazzle Disney T-Shirts – Add Name – Tutorial

  1. Your tutorial on how to customize a T-shirt with a name is a great idea, helpful for those who don’t know how, and very thorough! I love that you even explained how a customer can easily keep another window open to copy and paste a coupon code at checkout to save some money. That’s a gesture I think any customer appreciates as we are all trying to save a bit here and there and it helps. The Disney Scooby Doo and Shaggy shirt is cute too! I have ordered some shirts from Zazzle with Scooby on them for my grandson a few years ago. Both of my grandkids were huge scooby fans with bedding, clothing, even a scooby doo costume that my granddaughter at 8 years old still wears on occasion! Thanks for the great tutorial!

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