George W Bush Paintings Book tribute or insult?

George W Bush’s latest book Portraits of Courage is on the Best Seller List and is trending on Amazon.

george w bush portraits book amazonPortraits of Courage has been a big hit with George W Bush supporters, fans and service men and women. It is afterall a tribute to them. A touching collection of paintings by George Bush featuring 98 full-color portraits and a four-panel mural painted of members of the United States military who he came to know personally following 9/11.  Their portraits and their stories feature in this touching tribute to their courage book of paintings.

Fans are also keen on obtaining signed copies of Portraits of Courage. They’re not readily available but these are what are on Amazon right now.

Other Books by and about George W Bush not signed


Meanwhile there is an element of controversy here.

One Source says:

“George W Bush is attempting to reinvent himself with a collection of paintings focused on servicemen and women whose lives were torn apart by his wars, writes Mat Nashed.”

“Former president George W Bush – a man once detested for dragging his nation (and others) into two harrowing wars – has become a poster boy for Liberal America.

Last week, he was invited on the Ellen DeGeneres show to endorse his monograph Portraits in Courage: A Commander in Chief’s tribute to America’s Warriors.”

It goes on to say

“Regardless of how he paints himself, Bush shouldn’t be paraded and sought out for wisdom. He should be prosecuted, and at the very least held accountable for committing crimes against humanity.”

What are your thoughts in this regard? Is George W Bush trying to atone for his ‘sins’ or is he oblivious to them or is he innocent of the above allegations?

I saw The Ellen interview with George W Bush and is was hard to imagine him as a war mongering criminal. He sat there looking to all the world like a friendly Grandad.

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