Bad Parents Birthday Party Idea For Teens – Zombies

Throw your teenager a cult teen party to remember.

16th Birthday Party Zombie ThemeIf he or she is a fan of Zombies and cult movie Shaun Of The Dead or Tv Series  ‘The Walking Dead’ they will love this Zombie theme party idea. Perfect for 16th and Teen Birthday Celebrations.

Let’s Get This Sick Creep fest Party Started!

This Zombie themed party can kick off with a Shaun Of The Dead Movie for the Birthday Teen Boy or Girl and their guests.

Set the scene with some atmospheric lighting and Graveyard, Zombie and Blood Splattered decorations.

Have some horror themed food items for them to munch on while they watch.

Add some green food coloring to Pop Corn to make Zombie Farts. Add a drop of red food coloring to a thick milkshake to look like blood. Be creative!

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BUT that’s letting them off a bit lightly isn’t mom and dad? This is after all the Bad Parenting Guide To Teenage Parties 😉

While the teens are engrossed in the horror movie, have some pranks set up to give them a spooky thrill. With the pranks try to set up things that are familiar to them from other teen horror movies or check out this you tube video for some horrible ideas that will make this sweet 16th party memorable!! These horrible party pranks are themed for a Halloween party but with some creative thinking you can adapt them for Zombies.

Party Time

After the film it’s party time, wicked music, glowing drinks (literally, I’ll show you how) and more mega horrid food. Glow sticks are always popular, do not disappoint!

Wind the party down with some awesomely horrible Zombie goody bags.

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