Haribo Gummy Bears are coming to America

Haribo German Gummy Bear Manufacturers are coming to America! They’re oepening a facory in Wisconsin and hope yo be up and running by 2020. This is great new for jobs and growth in Wisconsin! Conragtulations Ya’ll.

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  • Gummy Candy
  • Retail Price:
  • Manufacturer:Nassau Candy Co.

4 thoughts on “Haribo Gummy Bears are coming to America

  1. Excellent news for people looking for work, but sad news for importers for specialty stores. I used to manage a gourmet market and Haribo candies are a big selling product. I wonder if shoppers will still pay more for the imported originals when a domestically made version is available for less money in a regular store?

      1. Well, you never know… The specialty markets might still be able to import the ones made in Europe and charge ten times more than before and people might pay it because it is the “authentic recipe” from the homeland. I remember that there is some region in France that grows a specific lentil. We used to sell a tiny package for $14.95 next to a package of standard American grown lentils that cost $0.75 per pound. The imported lentils were smaller and misshapen, but people would buy them because they we supposed to be the best in the world. To me personally, lentils are icky. I don’t care how cheap or expensive! ;-P

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