Where To Find A Dress by Uploading A Picture – Get The Look

Wanna know how to find that great dress, coat, shoes, bag ? Follow these simple steps to track it down!

There are a few different ways to approach this.

  1. Ask them where they got it!

This is the easiest way if you’re out an about and see something on someone else, that you think is great and want to know where to find it. Gently approach them, compliment on their great style and ask them where they got that coat! As long as your demeanor is non threatening, this approach will be seen as a compliment and the person will happily let you know where she got that great bag from. I myself have been approached a few times with these questions and I’ve always been more than happy to help. It’s very flattering!

Mission accomplished and … you just made someones day!

2. Take a Photo and do a reverse image search

I personally would always ask permission before taking a strangers photo and if you’re going to do this, why not just ask where they got it from! See above 😉

When you have the photo you can upload it to your social media site, blog etc.

Do a reverse image search by right clicking on the image and selecting that option from the drop down menu. Hopefully a ton of same or similar photos will appear and you’ll quickly find a source to buy from.

If you don’t have a way to upload your pic to a site, you can instead upload it to website TinEye.com which is a free service that helps track down images on the web.

According to their FAQ: “TinEye frequently returns image results with colour adjustments, added or removed text, crops, and slight rotations. TinEye can also detect images that are part of a collage or have been blended with another image.”

Very impressive huh!

If you don’t like the sounds of any of the above there is another option.

3. Use a How To Find It App – Get The Look

There are tons of apps now available that you add images to find what you’re looking for. Google ‘How To Find it’ app and you’ll find a very healthy list to choose from. Check the reviews carefully to make-sure you use a good one as not all that glitters is gold right?

These apps claim to be able to find handbags, clothing, designer jewellery and shoes by matching a photograph with their huge database of items. How successful the app is will depend on the quality of their database, their image scanning software and the ability for the apps technology to match the image.

These apps are great income generators for the designers. If you buy via those apps – a small fee will go to the app creator (you don’t pay it – the store owner does) for their help in driving sales their way. It’s a win win and that’s what makes the world go around 🙂

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