Love The USA – Top 5 Patriotic Bumper Sticker Quotes! 2018

If you Love America USA you’ll love these trending Bumper Stickers that show off your patriotic spirit. 

These trending car bumper stickers, decals reflect the mood of the patriots at this time in history! They feature trending slogans, expressions and quotes circulating now in popular and social media.

As you can see from the most popular one which reads ‘I stand for the anthem and kneel for the flag’ most patriotic Americans support standing for the National Anthem. This is a kick back to the football sporting stars refusing to stand for the National Anthem at the start of a game. Other popular expressions and quotes with this theme include ‘stand up or get out‘, ‘If this flag offends you I’ll help you pack.’

  1. I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross
    patriotic bumper stickers i stand for anthem kneel cross
  2. WWG1WGA (where we go one we go all) American flag bumper stickerwwg1wga bumper sticker american flag#QAnon. For almost a year now an online forum poster going by the name “Q” has been leaving tit bits of information onto ‘chan’ forum hideouts. They are often cryptic in nature and relate to President Trumps comments. Car bumper stickers simply featuring the letter ‘Q’ in American flag theme is also trending.
  3. Molon Labe Bumper Stickers molon labe bumper sticker spartan american usa flagThis is a pro Gun Rights spartan expression generally meaning Come and Take Them. Other popular car bumper stickers in support of the 2nd amendment include ‘I’m the God-fearing, gun-toting, flag-waving conservative you were warned about‘ and ‘an armed man is a citizen and unarmed man is a subject‘.
  4. My dog is Democrat , he waits around all day expecting me to feed him my dog is democrat funny car bumper sticker decalAlso in this theme and trending are stickers with the words ‘annoy a Liberal, work hard, succeed, be happy
  5. If you can’t stand behind our Troops FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM If you can't stand behind our Troops FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM  bumper stickers usa flag This is a very popular American bumper sticker in support of the military, troops and their families.

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