The Big ’40’ is a birthday milestone all men and women want to celebrate with a bang!

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And with that in mind I’ve sourced some fun, unique and especially unusual 40th birthday gifts!!

Check ’em out.

To the left is a massive range of Year Born gifts that you can add year of birth, age and name ensuring a unique personalized keepsake gift. Lots of fun modern designs.

Meanwhile Somat Funny:

“Why when I feel like a 25yr old, I can never find one?”

“Good thing about failing eyesight at 40, you can’t see what’s happening to your body”

“When you’re 40, you still have all the moves – you just don’t make them as fast.”

Unusual 40th Birthday Gift Ideas – out of the box!!

This gift selection really is unusual and because of that, they’re not 40th birthday specific but they’re totally apt!! “Grow your own purple carrots!! A perfect gift to convince your old pal they’re losing their mind. A couple of unusual Zombie gifts for children of the 80’s! Weird gadget toys for men – magnetic wristband!! That’s a best seller. Now check out that toilet night light! You make extra trips to the loo in the night when you get older …that makes this unsual gift perfect! I love these. They make getting older fun.

Which is why I have also sourced some super funny 40th gag birthday gifts – age specific.
Over the Hill all the way! Notice the prices, perfect for those on a tight budget. You don’t have to be cheap but it helps right!! I love these odour eating fart pads. They work too! How do I know? erm……….

40th Birthday Gifts On A Budget

40th Birthday Gifts – they won’t forget!
How can they forget turning 40 when you present them with a book about getting older!! They’ll forever have the memories … or not!

Now browse at leisure, love these funny 40th, Over The Hill, Getting Older gifts available from