Celebrate the 50th Birthday of your Mom, Sister or Friend with these Funny Getting Older Mugs for Women

Many can be personalized by adding the birthday girls name!

Funny 50th Birthday Mug featuring a retro fifties Pinup girl. This funny getting older mug plays on women’s fears about menopause and hot flushes! This mug reads:

“Damn right I look hot. These menopausal hot flushes are a killer!”

Funny 50th Gift - HOT Pinup with Menopause Flushes Coffee Mug

Funny ‘Wine’ themed getting older 50th birthday mug. There’s nothing to ‘whine’ about when you can ‘wine’ instead!  The funny older woman in this cartoon is one of my own cartoon characters ‘Wizzy Witch’. She features randomly on my gift designs.

Funny 50th MUG - Its Worth Wining About!

This next 50th birthday mug is for sexy older ladies! This old lady isn’t 50, she’s 5 perfect 10’s!!

Funny 50th Birthday MUG - NOT FIFTY 5 perfect 10s

This next one is a personal favorite of mine. It features Wizzy having a nap with her worn out teddy bear at the foot of the bed and her false teeth in a glass beside the bed. This getting old gag reads:

“You know you’re getting older when … you and your teeth sleep separately.”

Funny 50th Getting Older Mug - False Teeth Gag

This funny aging cartoon mug is a little goofy! It celebrates the 30th birthday for the 20th time!

Funny 50th MUG - Celebrating 30th for 20th Time
FIFTY! The Ultimate F-Word!! Great idea for a mug, works well for Forty 40th birthdays too.

Funny 50th Birthday Mug Fifty The Ultimate F Word
Cute Chick Cartoon Mug – This chick is 50!

Funny 50th Birthday MUG - This CHICK Is 50 cute
Last but not least this funny 50th mug is a little crude, rude and naughty!!
It reads:
“You know you’re getting older when you think a good shag relates to quality carpet”.
Funny 50th MUG - You Know Youre' Getting Old When

If you know any funny getting older, 50th birthday, over-the-hill jokes or gags drop me a line in comments! You never know you may see it on a mug!

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