Unique Wedding and Anniversary Gifts For Goth Couples

Goth Wedding Anniversary Gifts I have a stunning handpicked selection of Gothic themed gifts that are suitable for Wedding or Anniversary of a Goth couple. These items are deliciously wicked and will be a winning hit with the bride and groom.

Have a look at the black Gothic themed Home Decor items which include Bedding, Lamps and Ornaments. Design elements for Gothic style to look out for are of course the design elements that were popular in the Middle Ages known then as ‘French Style’. Today they are more commonly referred to as ‘Victorian Gothic’ Interior Design.

Keep an eye out for black, ornamental, vintage wrought iron, styled furnishings. These may have a skull, skeleton, gargoyle theme and bats are also popular for modern Goths. Colors that may accompany black are deep purple, dark red, emerald-green and sapphire blue.

Gothic Interiors have an ecclesiastical vibe, possibly due to the power of the Catholic Church during that period. The windows and doors have a pointed arch design and picture frames, candle holders, bed frame were all elaborately carved and highly detailed. You will see these elements reflected in the Gothic wedding and anniversary gift options here.

Fabrics that fit the Goth style are silks, satins and velvet. Patterns include Damasque and Baroque. A decorative feature that is also very popular in modern goth accessories, fashion and styling is the rose. Namely red roses, though black and deep purple roses are also very popular. Often the roses will be set against a velvet or satin ribbon of contrasting color.

If you’re after a more decorative, ornament syle goth wedding or anniversary gift those featured below may suit your needs. Gifts include decorative gothic styled keepsake boxes, elaborately detailed photo frames and all manner of skull and skeleton styled accessories.

Gothic Candle stick holders as well as the candles themselves are very popular and many can be personalized with photos or text.

Steampunk Goth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A later spin on Goth style sees the inclusion of Steampunk which has various decorative features made up of mechanical and clockwork parts. If your Goth wedding couple are also fans of steampunk then some of the gift items that follow will be warmly recieved.

Personalized and Custom Goth Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

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