Can you dare to dream? Yes you can!

low budget wedding planning guide freeIt is possible to have your dream wedding on a small budget. Read on for money saving tips, creative ideas for DIY projects and links to cheap wedding supplies.



You Can Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams On A Small Budget – we show you how

Creating a classy wedding on a small budget isn’t impossible and with some creative thinking and forward planning you can pull it off so that people are wondering how you could afford such a fabulous wedding!
Featured here are various tips and Ad links to Low Budget Wedding Planning and  DIY Wedding Guides which give inspirational ideas on how you can save money and have a cheap wedding without losing quality or class. We also welcome your tips and ideas in comments below. Let’s make this a great resource for brides on a small budget!
  1. Online and Pre-loved wedding dresses
  2. DIY wedding ideas (decor, favors, invites)
  3. Cheap reception venues
  4. Low budget transport
  5. DIY or Recruit a friend (DJ, Photographer, Cake Maker, Caterer)
  6. FREE Wedding Planning Checklists

Where to find a cheap wedding dress – try preloved

A well cleaned, carefully stored preloved wedding dress can save you hundreds, even thousands on the original price. When determining whether you’ve got yourself a bargain, look at the brides original price as new and the price she’s charging – who has paid more after you’ve bought it? As the bride wearing this dress second time around it should cost you a LOT less.

For example, a dress cost $1500 new, bride sells preloved for $1000. This means that the bride (having recovered 2/3 of the cost) has paid less to wear this dress from new than you will as a second. A better price would be $1500 new, $500 to you. A 2/3 reduction in your favor.

Make sure you see the dress in person, try it on. Check the seams, the fastenings for any sign of damage. Carefully check the dress over for stains and marks.

Online Wedding Dresses – China


I’ve seen some incredibly cheap wedding dresses on Amazon, prices as low as $50! And these are new! If you’re considering one of these read the reviews very carefully and the rules regarding measurements. Also check out how long it’s likely to take to make and ship. It’s usually the case that the dress doesn’t quite match the picture, the materials may be lesser quality and so on. This is why reading reviews and verifying their validity is very very important. Ensure they’ve been left by verified buyers only.

You can also find some familiar online companies that do cheaper wedding dresses that have great reviews from within the bride community. A great source for these reviews is facebook! A wedding dress company I am an advertising affiliate for is Dressily me (store above). I have never personally seen the quality of their dresses, so again do your homework and check those reviews.

2. Save Money By Being A DIY Bride

What if I’m not crafty?

You don’t need to be crafty yourself, you can recruit helpful friends and family members to assist! A great way for enlisting your crafty friends to help with DIY wedding projects is to host a crafting party rather like a wedding shower but with a twist.$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

Invite your friends, prepare the space, provide wedding crafting materials, a work space and refreshments (no alcohol, you don’t want wonky fixings or spilled drinks!).

DIY Wedding Centerpieces and Table Decorations   
Trending Wedding Table Decorations for 2017 and 2018 weddings include mason jars or recycled jam jars which you can fill with little strings of LED lights or tea lights. You can also add pebbles and shells for a beach theme or for something simpler add water and a floating candle or plastic flower. There are lots of options. The jars themselves can be decorated with ribbon, glitter, burlap, lace etc.

These jars can be used as DIY centerpieces or can be hung from trees (outdoor weddings) or the ceiling (carefully). If you’re a fan of rustic and shabby chic themes, you can source eclectic vases from thrift stores.

On the subject of thrift stores, for a tea party vintage theme you can buy some very cheap pretty china from charity shops which you can use to make cake stands (dinner plates for this) and centerpieces using teacups filled with candy / flowers or turn the teacup into a home-made candle holder – fill with a wick and wax.

DollarTree have some great deals on materials you can use for DIY wedding centerpieces. Check out their great deals via their linked Ads.

Amazon also have a wide range of popular craft materials for making your own table decorations as well as books full of inspirational ideas.

DIY Wedding Favors


This YouTube video doesn’t have any tutorials but it does feature various DIY wedding favors for inspiration. There are though lots of great DIY favor tutorials on YouTube. Check them out as a cheap way to learn how to make them.

DIY Wedding Invitations


The advantage that DIY wedding invitations have over pre-ordered ones is that they will be very personal and unique to you. Your guests will appreciate the thought and the gesture that bit more. If you’re not very crafty choose a simple design and print out the wording. Make sure to spell check thoroughly! Bad spelling is a clear sign an amateur is at work!

Personalized Printed Invitations


wedding sales, couponsAnother source of cheap wedding invitations that are personalized is Zazzle. They may not appear cheap at first glance BUT Zazzle often have mega sales on, with as much as 50% off so you can save here by keeping an eye on those sales! This is Zazzle’s COUPON page – bookmark it!

Here’s a sample of Zazzle’s best-selling wedding invitations.

Take a look at this wonderful tutorial on how to make a trettrunk rustic themed wedding card postbox  – reader contribution.

3 .Cheap Wedding Venue – Reception Options

Brides on a low wedding budget often choose a community hall, church hall, local social club, local bar and even their own home or garden to host a cheaper wedding reception than the hotels and venues that can cost into the thousands to hire.

If you want a hotel or more expensive venue, you can save hundreds by choosing a date that is less popular. Midweek weddings, cooler months tend to be cheaper. Shop around your local venues and haggle! You’ll be surprised how much you can save by being bold and asking for their rock bottom lowest price.

4 .Low Cost Wedding transport

The easiest way to have the bridal party cars covered is to choose the relative or friend with the snazziest car and ask if they’ll drive you! Make sure you treat them super well and pay for the fuel and any other costs they may consider reasonable. You can buy a wedding car ribbon to jazz it up and make it special.

Recruit Friends and Family

If you’re very lucky you’ll have talented friends and family who will be more than happy to help with your wedding music (hobby DJ) making the wedding cake, arranging the flowers, taking photographs and help with the catering.

Ask around using your social networks to see if any of those you’re inviting are willing to volunteer? Be sure to appreciate their offers and don’t turn into a bridezilla!

6. FREE Wedding Planning Checklists


Free Wedding ChecklistsWedding Planning Checklist

Maid of Honor Checklist
Bridal Shower Checklist
Bride Essentials Checklist

That’s all from us, if you have any more ideas on how to have a cheap wedding that looks fabulous, let us know in comments.