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Personalized gifts do not cost what they used to before technology caught up and now you can pretty much have anything you like personalized at little over the original item price. And the tools for personalizing gifts yourself online are easier to use than ever. Combined this makes personalized gifts the best gift choice and here’s why!

  1. They are tops when it comes to the ‘thoughtful gift’

Personalized gifts show that the buyer values the gift recipient and is thinking about their preferences, needs and passions when choosing their gift. For the gift recipient, a personalized gift quickly becomes a treasured keepsake due to its unique personalised nature. Every time they look at their custom gift they will feel loved, appreciated and respected. These are the things that personalized gifts express.

And that’s not all …

Photo Gifts2. Tops for sentimental value

If the gift has been personalized with precious family photos capturing special moments or feature a personal message then the gift has great sentimental value.

This is especially true for personalized memorial gifts, wedding anniversary gifts and retirement gifts.


Many gifts you can have personalized today are also practical and as such dual purpose. For example you can have tea towels personalized with family photos or a chic family monogram, family crest, a picture your grandchild drew. A tea towel bought on the high street with no personalization features will be quickly forgotten along with who gifted it, but add the personalised features and it will be treasured like no other. We have a whole house (almost) of practical gifts you can personalize here.

Shop Custom Father's Day Gifts 4. Personalized gifts are ageless

It doesn’t matter whether you are a child, adult or a retired person, we all love gifts which have our name on, photos of our pets, children, family and more. We like things that are familiar, that trigger warm fuzzy feel good vibes.

5. Lots of ready-made designs

Some personalized gifts are a blank canvas and you add your own design however you can also find lots of wonderful themed and special occasions gifts which have designs on them already. They have template fields for you to add your personal details. The designs are created in many cases by talented designers who will be happy to assist you with bespoke refinements.

How are the gifts personalized?

There are many ways that gifts are being personalized online which include engraving, printing, embroidery, carving. On this site you will find all the latest and most sophisticated personalized gift options. You can design your own jewelry, create baby stat blankets, even design your own fabrics. It is all here. Check out the side menu and page tabs for niche items. If you’re looking for something specific and you can’t find it here, drop me a line.

Where to start? Here is a good place!


personalized gifts

Use the Gift Search Tool to FIND your perfect Gift.

There are thousands of customizable, personalized gifts to choose from including Artisan Gifts, Popular Brands, Clothing, Accessories, Electronics and Home Decor.

You can add photos, names, dates, personal greetings or your own images and designs. In many cases you can change the product color, style and size.


Featured below are my top Ad picks for personalized gifts. Each gift shown has template fields for you to add your own personal data, whether it be photos, names, dates or other.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Commemorative

Zazzle has a wide range of wedding anniversary gifts which cover all the milestones and many which can be personalized to suit any number of years married. Featured here are two popular personalized Golden wedding anniversary gift ideas. One allows a photo and text to be added, while the other simply has a text field. For more great anniversary gift ideas ENTER HERE.

Personalized Name Gifts for Baby’s , Children and Teens

Baby shower gifts become wonderful keepsake gifts when they feature the new baby’s name. Zazzle has a wide range of personalized baby gifts for boys, girls, twins and even triplets. Christmas Baby’s are celebrated with tree ornaments and other holiday decorated items. View the full baby gift range HERE.

Buying gifts for teenagers can be a tricky business but with some subtle hints from them you can buy them a unique personalized gift they will love. Gadgets and iPhone, iPad cases are a popular choice as are wallets and sports bags. View the full range of Teenager gifts HERE.

Personalized Home Decor Gifts

Zazzle has  wide range of home decor items including pillows, blankets, fabric, lamps, night lights, shower curtains, floor mats, bath mats, clocks and more. These make great wedding gifts, new home gifts, baby or child room decor gifts as well as being niche gifts to yourself featuring a favored photo, work of art or niche theme that is not available anywhere else! You can create a unique room design scheme by designing your own furnishings and accessories.

Personalized Business Merchandise, Team Gear and Boss Gifts

Zazzle have a massive customizable clothing range which you can use as gifts, for sporting team purposes, business promotional events and more. You can add logos, team emblems or choose from the wide range of existing themed designs available on site. View the full range of personalized clothing HERE.

For corporate gifts, co-worker and team member gifts, check out the sporting goods which feature sports bags, water bottles, can coolers, ping-pong paddles and more! View the full range of personalized sporting goods HERE.