Gift Ideas For Teachers

What gift should I buy for my teacher?

A gift for a teacher shouldn’t be too expensive ( I’d suggest under $20 max. unless it is a group gifts and you are pooling funds) as anything more than that may make the teacher (male or female) feel uncomfortable. Good teacher gift ideas would be anything personalized with their name, monogram that might use for their school day such as a customized ruler (see below), ring binder, tote bag (for female teachers) and so on. If you are buying the gift as a group (classmates, parents etc.) a thank you gift basket is a lovely gift idea.

Food and wine are best avoided as you don’t know their tastes and generally teachers may already receive a LOT of these type of gifts. Teachers also enjoy receiving handmade cards, thank you notes, best teacher ever awards and so on. You can give them light-hearted funny joke gifts, but nothing offensive.

These funny cartoon gifts for male and female teachers are a fun end of year way to say thank you to your own teacher or as a gift to a teacher you know personally. All gifts for teacher as shown here can be personalized.