Planning a 2018 wedding

Time is running out start planning your 2017 wedding today! Set a Budget, Choose a theme and we’re here to help with the rest!

Page down for detailed tips on how to plan your special day. But before you do check out these wedding planner guides  from Amazon. They are great tools to help keep you organized!

Let’s get this party started – What’s Trending Now?

Wedding Trends for 2017 include but are not limited to:

Trending Wedding Colors (linked):

Trending Wedding Themes (linked):

Take a leisurely look at our inspiring wedding theme mood boards which highlight the above color trends. Each moodboard features the essentials for your wedding day look.

Trending Wedding Supplies 2017 weddings

Our dynamic wedding product feeds feature all the latest trends for wedding invitations, wedding decorations, favors and fashion. Page down for specific trends for seasonal weddings. Use our search feature to access specific theme moodboards and product lists.

Trending Wedding Dresses 2017

Trending Bridesmaid Dresses 2017

Trending Mother Of The Bride 2017

Trending Wedding Invitations 2017

Trending Wedding Decorations 2017

Trending Wedding Favors 2017

How To Plan Your 2017 Wedding

Start Saving – set a wedding budget

Set a budget and stick to it. The budget will determine how many guests you can invite, the venue type, menu and of course all the finer details. Have a separate budget for wedding dress and bride accessories and for the bridal party and groom party.

The earlier you start saving for your wedding the better so start now. Work out where you can make savings on things you spend money on now such as magazine subscriptions, trips to the beauty salons, food take-outs and other items that aren’t totally essential where you can make savings. You may for example have a gym membership you can replace with regular walks and work-outs at home. That said you want to be fit and in-shape for your wedding day. Where you make savings is up to you, but do give it some thought as you’ll be surprised at how much you can save with some creative budgeting.

Book a venue – The upside of booking a venue early is that if it is every popular you are more likely to get the date you need. The downside is that their prices may not be fixed when booked so far in advance and may be subject to change. The change of course is more likely to be an increase rather than decrease. Read through your venue booking contract and look at the finer print.

Take out wedding insurance – it will take a lot of stress out of all things which you decide to book far in advance.

Spring , Summer, Autumn or Winter 2018 wedding?

The time of year you choose for your wedding will determine costs (Summer wedding venues more costly as more popular) as well as theme and colors. For example you will likely have lighter pastel pinks, blues, gold colors for Spring and Summer and warmer colors for fall and winter weddings.


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