Why give closing gifts?

As a Realtor you are in the business of making sales (making money) and the happy side-effect of being in the Realtor business is that by finding someone the right home you could be making their dreams come true! Do not underestimate the power of that statement. Every part of it is true. It is equally true of course if the house you sold them is riddled with decay, fraught with bad luck and they rue the day they set eyes on it and you for selling it to them.

Let’s assume you’re a dream maker not dream breaker. You have already engendered a ton of good will in finding your home buyer their dream home. What else do you need to do, surely you’ve done enough?

Many would think that you have and that you are the one who should be receiving the wonderful thank you gift. I do not disagree. It is however the custom for you as the Realtor to be the first to wish the new home owner health, happiness and prosperity in their new home. If you gift clever, you can ensure you receive referrals as well as fond after-thoughts.

The most popular Realtor closing gifts are presently:

  1. Bouquets of flowers, Potted Plants and Baskets of Fruits
  2. Champagne, Wine and other food items
  3. Gift Cards
  4. Personalized Home Decor Accessories

Flowers, Wine and Food Baskets are all very popular realtor gifts as they are ‘nice’ to receive. They do not however ‘last’ and as such any referral goodness they may garner will be brief. Gift Cards are also useful at the time of receipt but not likely to result in any lasting memories of your existence.

Home decor items on the other-hand that are personalized with a monogram or family name can achieve a higher degree of longevity and appreciation. They are also increasingly popular as customized gifts are more widely available and can be customized when you order online. Personalized welcome mats and house address plaques and signs are especially popular.

Custom Gifts by leading Brands

These are all perfect gifts if you have a small(ish) budget as they can be nicely secured for under $100. However if your Closing Sale gift budget is larger and perhaps reflects a % the house sale price, you may be able to consider something more generous and as such a tad more exclusive.

Featured below are a few pricier ideas for Realtor closing gifts – do not be shy of the price!  A great gift can mean more referrals.

Closing Gifts that make moments memorable

5. Painted Portrait of the new home
realtor closing gift ideas house portraitA painted portrait of the new home makes a wonderful closing gift from a realtor to a client. It is personal, unique and promises to be more than a treasured piece of art. It promises to become a family heirloom. Be the first to present your client with this inspired gift and you will be warmly regarded for decades to come.

Think of the Realtor referrals you will generate every time a house guest comments on the painting! Your name as the ‘gifter’ will be mentioned.

Select your home portrait artist by recommendation and by viewing the art yourself. If you are fortunate enough to know something of your clients art tastes, you may be able to choose an artist who can paint to accommodate their art tastes. This will ensure the art is prominently displayed. You may wish to leave the framing of the painting to the clients who will have further personal preferences in that regard.

6. Arial Photographs of the house

realtor closing git ideasIf you don’t wish to risk wrongly judging your clients taste in art , how about an ariel photograph of their house. A birds-eye view. You can find many local operators able to provide this service, all be-it pricey, depending on the location of the house.

7. A Garden Ornament – Statue with dedicated plaque

As odd as this may sound think about it for a moment. How many times have you visited a beautiful home and remarked on the garden furniture, sculpture, ornamentation that is around. I guarantee if you passed a bench with a plaque that you read the wording.

Garden features are every bit as appreciated and admired by a home owner and their guests. As such a spectacular garden ornament, sculpture with a ‘dedication’ plaque is sure to be enjoyed.

8. A scale model of the house

3D printing and clever apps that allow you to create a 3D model from a photo has now made the impossible possible! You can get a 3D model of your homeowners house using photographs! What an amazing and memorable gift. I can see it now – nested nicely under a glass dome. A tidy plaque with an inscription bearing your name.

9. A family portrait

What makes a house a home? Family. With your gift of a family portrait session with a local photographer, you will be creating and capturing memories. Family photos (especially professional ones) are always treasured and given prominent places of display.

10. A Tree – Last but not least!

realtors closing sale ideasNever mind the potted plant and bouquet of flowers, how about a tree! Before you dismiss this idea, consider the tall Oak tree outside Junior’s window. The Oak tree that was just a sapling when planted all those years ago to commemorate making a new family home.

The Oak tree which in years to come will have lovers hearts carved into it, a tree house and many generations of bird families nesting in it. It’s broad branches will provide shade for a picnic in the garden and a strong branch for a swing.

Wow – talk about making moments into memories! Your gift of a tree will practically become part of the family!! Make it a fruit tree and you add even more to this picture.

I hope you have enjoyed my inspired list of gift ideas for Realtors. Please do comment on the unique and memorable gifts you have bought for clients or received from your Realtor.