Those of us who are followers of fashion as well as fellow designers will naturally be curious to know what future room themes will be popular in future months. As such I have been very busy learning as much as I can about future room decor trends, most specifically those for 2016 and beyond. I say ‘beyond’ because there are certain trends that become ‘staples’ and they will feature almost every season in one form or another. They would be what we call ‘classics’.home decor trends 2016 painterly pink blue stripes

And so .. without further ado, I am pleased to show you the results of my labors. I created some home decor items to satisfy the needs of future trends and displayed them in a home style setting to show you what can be achieved with these (in some cases) rather dramatic room themes.

I have used a site called Polyvore to create these images. It is a wonderful resource for wanabe fashion editors.

In no particular order I introduce you to MY room decor collections for 2016!

Trending Pillows1.Painterly (as seen above)

The trend reflected in this collection is ‘Painterly’ (painterly = painted images, brush strokes, watercolors). I took the ‘painterly’ theme and gave it my own unique spin by taking painted images and laying them over striped backgrounds.

I personally love the results of this as it satisfies my desire for capturing the eyes interest, and anything that isn’t ‘obvious’ will do that. Please do let me know in comments what you think of this design idea.


The trending room decor theme here is ‘Marsala’. Marsala is one of Pantone’s trending colors for this fall and it is a maroon, wine, berry type of color. It has a lot of warmth and is perfect for Autumn. It is a color that is likely to trend for a while due to its versatility.

I believe I have demonstrated this via this ‘all Marsala’ decor collection. You can never have too much of it 🙂

Note the geometric patterns on the pillows and the hand drawn Gerber daisy print. These are graphic features that are trending. I feel the Marsala color looks great teamed with chocolate-brown, dusky pink and a subtle cream for contrast.

I am reminded of Black Forest Gateaux! I do find my decor preferences somewhat reflect favorite foods. Am I alone in this?


3. Urban Chictrending home decor 2016

This room theme is trending in 2016 and is almost becoming a classic given the popular demand now for edgy graffiti style art both for walls and soft furnishings.

Urban room themes can be subtle or dramatic whatever your preference. Graffiti is one of those things that can have you staring at it for a while as you visually peel back the layers. This collection shows you how to decorate ‘urban chic’ style.

4. Escapism

landscape fashion trending‘Escapism’ is the theme of this next trend which we will see in both fashion clothing, personal accessories and room decor in 2016.

Escapism is about beautiful iceblue landscapes, cloudy skies, ocean scenery, icebergs and more. I have added ‘pink’ to my escapism collection for added warmth and interest.

The colors for 2016 are Rose Quartz Pink and Powder Blue so this is a great way to accomodate that trend.

The pink here has been added as a background color  so it can be removed, changed etc. when ordering.Landscape Fashion

For those of you new to my blog, my designs are featured via a site called ‘Zazzle’ which is a print on demand site that has customization features so buyers can personalize their purchases.

Hence the background in these designs can be any color you choose.


5. Metallicmetallic gold home decor trends 2016

Metallic fabrics are trending in 2016. You will see these in fashion clothing including bridal wear and red carpet celebrity dresses.

It is also going to be very trendy for room decor and furnishings and this trend is here to stay as its lush!

This selection of gold blankets and gold metallic style pillows is a combination of my own designs and those of other Zazzle designers. You can have a plain prints or styles which feature an elegant monogram. Brand your home – how exciting!

You will all find all manner of traditional and familiar prints with a gold metallic edge including animal prints! It really is the year of bling.

This concludes my TOP 5 for trending home decor in 2016. There are more trends coming in believe it or not – stay tuned for the next round.


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