Landscape Print – Escapism room themes

Escapism is the theme

Landscape, seascape and iceberg prints are trending in room design for 2016.

landscape escapism room design trend 2016 by leahgSubtle blended colors with striking highlights will feature on pillows, throw blankets and wall coverings. The dominant colors in this featured set are shades of blue, deep yellow/orange and pink. Rose quartz pink and serenity blue are trending colors for 2016 and this landscape theme with a pink twist compliments that nicely.

landscape color theme for room blue sand pink


Chic Room Designs featuring the ‘escapism’ theme

Living Room Dreams

This escapism room theme has been achieved with bold print soft furnishings in coordinating colors or light blue and sand. The large canvas provides the focus and makes the collection cohesive.

escapism room themes
The Living Room: Inspired by the Beach

escapism room theme sand brown teal
Beach Living Room

escapism colors 3

Excapism Room themed Pillows